4 Ways to Fight Fatigue

So I was watching the show "Dr. Oz" last week, and here is what he had to say about preventing/curing the number one health complaint:

1.) Lose the SNOOZE. Try to avoid hitting the snooze button. In a typical good night's sleep, the most beneficial stage is REM (where dreaming and the occurence of restorative sleep takes place). Sleeping in for another 5 minutes will only allow you to experience what he calls "useless sleep"...pretty self explanatory. You might even end up being more tired. Something I like to do: Set 2 alarms 5 minutes apart. After the first one goes off, you can stay in bed, but keep your eyes open. Look through old text messages, think about what you're going to do during the day...do SOMETHING until the next alarm goes off. That way, you'll be almost fully awake by the time you have to physically get up.

2.) Lemon. Have a cup of tea with some lemon...or lemonade that isn't full of sugar. It will help.

3.) Take a Multivitamin. It will help reduce fatigue, especially after a heavy lunch.

4.) Try D-Ribose. It comes in a powder form, and serves as a healthy energy booster. Mix it with a drink that isn't too sweet, like orange juice.

Of course, with the multivitamins, and D-Ribose, check with a doctor, or supplements salesperson about side effects and allergies.

Happy studying!

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