Everything Is Wonderful

I was talking to a friend last night about this blog, and she really inspired me. She gave me a lot of insight on what I should post about in the future. I am SO excited to share these ideas!

This is what I wore to school yesterday, with a black fleece zip-up and raincoat (not pictured). The weather was in the mid-40's, with light rain. I wouldn't reccommend wearing these boots in the rain though, because they weren't made to be waterproof. I'll make a post sometime next week, or the week after about what shoes are the best to wear in each type of weather.

Top: Rubbish, Nordstrom $12 SALE
Jeans: IT Jeans in Black, Nordstrom $60
Scarf: Old Navy, $12
Belt: F21 $4
Boots: Star Ling "Julian" in Cognac, Nordstrom $60 SALE
Nailpolish: Petitles in Cabernet $3

This is the hairstyle I wear almost everyday. Most people call it the "lauren conrad braid". If you type in those exact words into the search bar youtube.com, you'll get dozens of great tutorials on how to achieve this hairstyle.

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