Lady In Red

OK-- So I've been thinking about this blog for DAYS! I just haven't been able to post because I had a test today. Anyways, today's topic is red nailpolish! YAYYY. A lot of my friends don't really like wearing red nailpolish because they say it doesn't compliment their skin tone. Well, I think that anyone can wear red nailpolish. You just need to find the right shade, and have that dash of confidence to go with it.

Here is the color I have on currently.
Petities, "Cabernet" $3

Left: Sinful Colors, "Thimbleberry" $2 <---this is a light red
Right: N.Y.C, "Big Apple Red" $1
Sorry about the lighting in these pictures. I didn't have time to take them this morning, and I didn't get home until 5pm, so I had to rely on artificial lighting which isn't too good in my apt. Lo siento!

I would show you guys the metalic red I have, but I left it at my parents house. It's called "Broadway Burgundy Frost" by N.Y.C. $1

All of the colors can be found at your local drugstore. I've found that N.Y.C is a really good brand. It's cheap, and dries fast. However, it can only go 3 days without chipping...but then again, that happens to me with ALL nailpolish (cheap as well as high end), unless I go out and get a manicure. But I'd rather do my own nails because I'm a college student! Let me know if you guys have any tips/tricks about making your nailpolish last longer.

Here is a good top coat I've been using for a couple years. (I've gone through a few bottles. Nailpolish usually lasts ~8 months) $1.

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