Rainy Days

So after several days of sun, the rain decided to come back. The "mock spring" was nice while it lasted. Sorry about the picture quality by the way. For some strange reason, when I try to make each picture larger, it becomes blurry. It's worked all of the previous times. Oh well.

For those who wish to know, my test went alright. It was extremely difficult, and to make matters worse, it was on my worst subject. I try to not tell myself that, though. I learned in Psychology, that if you tell yourself you are good at something, and have confidence in it, you can drastically improve your performance. At the same time, if you think about how hard you studied while taking a test, you will get a better grade. This is not actually proven, but there are correlational studies showing this.

Top: Urban Outfitters $10 SALE
Jeans: IT! Jeans in Black $60
Rainboots: Urban Outfitters $40
Lace Tank: GAP $6 SALE
Cardigan: American Eagle $20 SALE
Nailpolish: Sinful Colors in Thimbleberry $2

This is a ring I got from my aunt a few Christmas' ago. The little gems you see embedded all around are made from a rock called Marcasite.

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