Silly Scarves

Today's topic: SCARVES! When in doubt, throw on a scarf. It can really pull the simplest of outfits together.

One thing I've noticed about these fashion necessities is that they come in a range of shapes, styles, and best of all, PRICES. I know that some scarves are intentionally made for style rather than warmth but when you're like me, and have to pretty much walk a mile to class, you might want to opt for the lighter weight ones. They'll do you good from the moment you step out the door, to the moment you're sweating, and heaving into your seat by the time you get to class. Trust me on this one.

The white one (2nd to the right), I forgot to include in the picture below. It's Jones and New York, from Macy's ($20)

Going from left to right (Scarf, Store, Brand, Price)
Lace- Nordstrom, Frenchi $22
Plaid Triangle- Old Navy $12
Knitted- Handmade from a friend $Priceless :)
Bright Blue- Old Navy $12
Hot Pink Cheetah- Nordstrom, D&Y $20

My favorite thing is to pair these with plain long sleeve shirts, and simple boots. I'll post example outfits later on. I'm way too lazy to get dressed up today, since I have absolutely nowhere to go. Not even school, because it's Saturday.

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