Through The Grapevine

Today went by way too fast. I finished class around 3, came home and watched 2 episodes of the Gilmore Girls with my roommate, and before I knew it, it was 6:00. After this post, it's study time for me. :( On the bright side, it was such a nice day today --what I like to call "sweatshirt weather". We don't get that too often, where I live.

This was an outfit I wore to my cousin's wedding back in October. In my opinion, a flowery skirt + a plain t-shirt = instant fabulous outfit that requires little effort.

T-Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: F21
Cardigan: Nordstrom B.P
Belt: Mom's Closet, Banana Republic

Pretty Woman

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I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm finally back at school from being on Spring Break. Yesterday was the first day of class, and I was already making flashcards. I can't decide whether that is a good thing or bad thing.

I am absolutely loving this year's spring trends. One of my friends just got back from visiting LA, and she said that satchels were all the rage. I can totally understand why, since they seem to be really handy by being compact and allowing your hands to be free. I, myself have been noticing trends like red lipstick, Ray Ban "wayfarer" and "Jackie O" style sunglasses. I couldn't help but to snag up a few of these items.

Check out these Ray Ban knock offs!
Sunglasses: Nordstrom B.P $10
They also have really cheap (around $5) and stylish sunglasses at F21.

I am especially excited for this find because it is my first lipstick! What I really like about it is that it's not super red, which makes it a great shade for spring/summer.
(Swatch was taken with no flash)
Lipstick: Wal-Mart, Revlon in Strawberry Suede $6

Satchel: Nordstrom B.P. in Winter White $22
(Nailpolish shown in picture: China Glaze, Peachy Keen)

Like a typical college student, I love good deals and saving money. My favorite way to save is to not purchase anything I wouldn't need throughout the quarter. That way, I will have enough to spend when I shop and go out with friends during each break. This is also a good way to reward yourself after many weeks of hard work.

Now listening to: When I Look At You- Miley Cyrus...I really want to see her movie, The Last Song!

A Work of Heart

Today is the last weekday of Spring break. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted. I feel like I've done so much, but at the same time, so little. If that even makes any sense. I sang karaoke for the first time, went to 2 animal shelters, found a birthday outfit, put together birthday presents for two of my friends, got a pedicure with the girls, discovered a good restaurant in my town, went out to eat a couple times, watched a LOT of movies (especially on Lifetime), slept in until 11am almost every day... My ideal stay-cation. :)

I saw this skirt at Target back in December. I regret not buying it because when I went back to check it out again a couple weeks later, it was SOLD OUT! I was so bummed. The best part: three months pass and ...BAM. My friend and I see it on a rack while at Target in 3 colors and every size! I decided on a vintage-y purple (It also came in black and light pink). The Target version has a fabulous price of $16.99 compared with the Urban Outfitters' version which was originally sold for $48. Aside from the black waistband the one at UO has, the two skirts are identical.

Skirt: Target $16.99
Tank: GAP $6 SALE
Tights: Old Navy $3 SALE
Cardigan: Old Navy $20 SALE
Belt: Mom's Closet
Nailpolish: China Glaze in Peachy Keen $5 SALE

Beauty and the Beast

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Hi Everyone! Here are some beauty tips I've been wanting to share:

1.) FRIZZY HAIR? After stepping out of the shower, try to avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, try patting, or firmly squeezing your hair to absorb the water. Rubbing causes friction, which leads to frizziness.

2.) GREASY HAIR? Try shampooing only the roots of your hair, and conditioning only the tips/bottom half. I used to have greasy hair, and found the cause to be too much conditioner.

3.) DRY HAIR? To preserve your natural oils, try using half the amount of shampoo you are currently using, and only apply conditioner to the bottom half of your hair. You can also try a leave-in conditioner. Not washing your hair everyday will also help since shampoo can be very drying and strip your locks of it's natural oils.

4.) DRY MASCARA? When using your mascara, instead of pumping the wand back into the tube to get more product, swish it around. Pumping the wand pumps in more air, causing your mascara to dry out faster. My favorite drugstore mascara is Lash Blast by Cover Girl.

5.) WANT BEACH WAVES? I haven't tried this yet, but it seems like all the rage this season. To get beachy waves, apply salt spray to damp hair. You will need a spray bottle, 8 oz. water, 2 tbsp ground sea salt, and 1/2 tsp. scented conditioner. When I make this later this week, I think I'm going to skip out on the conditioner part to prevent greasy-ness. However, if your hair is dry, you may want to add it. Mix everything together in the spray bottle. Remember, you can put on as much as you want, but you can't take any out unless you wash your entire head. So-- use in sparing increments. Let hair air dry, or blowdry on a cold setting. Also, if you are worried about the salt drying up your hair, I read somewhere that sea salt is only supposed to add texture and not eliminate moisture. If anything, it will protect your hair from the sun. Please let me know if you have heard otherwise because I'm not too sure about this one. :)

6.) DRY LIPS? Mix a little bit of olive oil and sugar together in a small dish. Brush a little of the mixture onto your lips, rub them together for 15-30 seconds, and rinse. This is a great way to exfoliate.

Spring Has Sprung

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's finally Spring...and we all know what that means! Bright nail polish! I've been eyeing the new Essie Spring collection, but I have this rule where I won't pay more than $6 for a bottle of nail polish. What can I say, I'm just a typical college student trying to save money. I was out shopping this weekend, as well as today and found 1 dupe and 2 inspirations for a few of the Essie colors that are much cheaper! :)

This one is probably my favorite. It's called "Lavender", from F21 ($2.80) and best represents Lilacism. It looks absolutely AMAZING on my friend who has a dark skin tone. She tried it on in the store, and convinced me to get it just by how it looked on her nail.

OK...OK, I know this looks absolutely nothing like Tart Deco. It is definitely a few shades lighter. I guess you could say I was inspired by Tart Deco, which led me in to purchasing this color, Peachy Keen from China Glaze. It was actually on sale at my local beauty store for $5 (original is a little more than $6)!

This color also looks nothing like any of the colors from the Essie collection. However, I bought it because I was inspired by how Tart Deco looked on a swatch somebody posted online. There was definitely something different about their lighting, since it looked really red-ish rather than orange. Like the lavender color above, this color is also from F21 ($2.80) and is called "Coral". Something amazing about it-- I painted 2 coats of it with no clear on Saturday, and 4 days later (today), there are no signs of all! I have to give this nail polish the award for best wear and tear resistance.
This picture was taken yesterday, which would mark the 3rd day. With all of my other nail polishes, my nails would all be half chipped by this time. Also--the color shows up a little darker than what it looks like in the bottle, but I still like it! :)

There you have it, folks. My Spring nail polish favorites!

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This Old Dress

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Have an old prom dress you're never going to wear again? Well, here are 5 things you can do with it:

1.) SELL IT ON EBAY- My friend's mom is a big Ebay fanatic. Aside from many proms and homecomings, she has been in several pageants. Her mom has successfully sold all of her old gowns for reasonable prices. This is an excellent way to make some extra cash.

2.) STOW IT AWAY- Get it cleaned, and keep it in your closet for future uses. One day, you might find yourself going to some sort of ball, formal event, Valentine's Day date, or lending it to a friend! If you are planning on joining a sorority, they have tons of formal events you can wear your old dress to.

3.) DONATE IT- for more information, visit these fabulous websites or google "donate your prom dress": The Glass Slipper Project , The Ruby Room , Operation Fairy Dust , Fairy Godmother Project

4.) HAVE A GIRL'S NIGHT- A girl I know from high school had a birthday party where her and her guests went bowling in their old prom dresses! You could also have a photo shoot, or simply go out to dinner and re-live prom night minus the dates!

5.) ALTER IT- Turn it into something else! Depending on the style, you can try making a tank top, a skirt, or even a pillow cover out of your old dress! I would only recommend doing this if you didn't spend a lot on it!

As for me, I will probably follow through with option #2. I love my dress and all of the sentimental value it holds.

I hope this guide was as helpful as I peceived it to be. Till next time, xoxo SWEATshirt/DRESSshirt

Mr. Clean

Here are some of my favorite products to maintain a fresh and clean living area:

Febreze. I have been using this product since my first year of college. I really like this spray because it stays true to what the company advertises it as. Like most college students, my living space isn't the largest. Whenever my roommates and I cook, or after we have a lot of people over, the apartment can get a little stuffy and not have the freshest scent. Although this product may be a little strong (which is why I try to use as little as possible), it works to eliminate odors, rather than cover them up. The best part: it actually works!

Coincidentally, every year I have a roommate with a weak immune system, leading them to be frequently ill. To prevent from getting sick myself, I like to wipe down the counters with these disinfecting wipes. They aren't the best at picking up dust, but they work great for getting rid of cold/flu germs.

I haven't used this product as much as the other two. This Lysol spray is pretty similar to the Clorox wipes (because it is also a disinfectant), except you don't really need to wipe anything away. I guess you could use this if you are feeling lazy. :)

You can get these products at your local Wal-Mart, or Target...pretty much any place that sells household cleaning items.

Little Black Dress

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Being on spring break is so nice. In the past three days, I have probably done nothing productive. Going back to school for the last quarter before summer break will be fun, but I'm going to miss having no responsibilities. Today's outfit inspiration mom's closet!

I'm loving the zipper on this dress.

The pattern on this dress goes from a narrow striped design, to a "bandage dress" pattern.
Dress: F21
Cardigan F21
Tights: Old Navy

One Step At A Time

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody! The most amazing thing happened yesterday. My friend and I were on our way to dinner, and as we were driving past our old high school, we see a rainbow! When I was little, I always wanted my parents to drive me to the end of one to see if there was really a pot of gold and a leprechaun at the end. I STILL think about doing that sometimes...except now-- I have a better sense of reality. So, I guess I would be doing it just for kicks. I would also spend hours sitting in the grass in my backyard looking for four leaf clovers. Do you guys ever think about the strange things you did when you were little?

Speaking of the past-- my intention for this post was to write about how I found my own style. In high school, the only brands I would wear were Hollister, and Abercrombie. I'm not kidding either. I literally refused to wear anything else. I suppose a lot of people go through this phase. I'm not in any way saying that these brands are not stylish, or bad. It's just...I wore them for the wrong reasons. I wanted to fit in, and be liked. Even though I had quite a bit of friends, and I was involved with extracurriculars, I still felt the need to "look the part", you could say. What ever that "part" may have been, I still have no idea. Looking back, I don't regret anything because you can only learn from your past. It's just, I feel that I wasn't being true to myself.

If I were to give advice to any high school girl or guy, I would say, wear what you want. Wear what makes you feel most confident, regardless of what your peers think is popular. By popular, I mean, what you think you should wear to be seen as "cool", especially if the real you doesn't radiate through. There is a difference between a fashion trend, and wearing something you don't thoroughly enjoy to fit in.

After I got to college, it took a lot of time, but I slowly slipped into my own style. I started to explore with a lot of different brands like F21, Target, and the B.P at Nordstrom. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the fashion Hollister and Abercrombie provides. I still buy my jeans from Abercrombie-- because they fit me so well. However, I feel much more confident now and most importantly, I feel like the real me. So-- that is my mini success story in a nutshell. I hope it can help anyone who struggled/is struggling with the same thing. Just remember, it takes time to find your style and don't be afraid to experiment with different things.

Here is an embarrasing picture of me school shopping with a friend from a couple years ago. Yes, we actually stopped to take pictures in front of Hollister. It's interesting to look at how I've change throughout the years.

Here is a more recent picture of my friend and I having fun with some matching dresses and faux fur vests at Target.

There's Something About You

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the pictures being so small. If I make them any bigger, they'll be blurry. Also, sorry again for the lack of shoes. I always tend to forget, since I take all my pictures inside. Funny story: on a rainy day last quarter, I swear, I saw 3 people walking around one of the lecture halls with no shoes. It was really strange. I felt like i missed the memo or something.
Oh yeah-- I almost forgot! I've been meaning to tell everyone about this song I've been listening to non-stop lately. It's called "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. Check it out if you get the chance. It never fails to put a smile on my face with it's upbeat melody, and sweet lyrics. An oldie but goodie that I've also been listening to is the A Walk To Remember soundtrack. My favorite is probably "Mother We Just Can't Get Enough" by New Radicals.

I know I'm kind of rambling, but I have one last thing to say. Well, 2 things. The first, is last night, I cracked open an egg with 2 yolks! I know that they're not very rare, but it's rare for ME. This is probably the first time that it's happened. I tried to do some research online to see if it was good luck or bad luck. I only found one website saying that it was bad luck, and a bunch of others saying that it was good. If anyone thinks that it's bad luck, please don't comment on this post saying so. I can be a pretty superstitious person, and would rather not spend my life living in fear. LOL! The second thing is that I recently noticed I have 6 subscribers! That is so amazing, and makes my day. :)

Dress: F21 (OLD)
Tights: F21 $6
Belt: F21 $4
Sweater: Nordstrom B.P (OLD)
Tank Top: Old Navy $5 SALE
Ring: Gift

Help Feed An Animal- for FREE

I LOVE animals. I am probably one of the biggest animal-loving people you will ever meet. Two summers ago, I volunteered at a shelter, and learned that due to lack of space, millions of healthy, homeless pets are put down each year. If you love animals too, visit  this website to help feed these pets. 

"Your free click generates a donation from Hill's Pet Nutrition to support the HSUS. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to The HSUS, which advocates for local humane societies and operates its own network of animal sanctuaries, providing care and homes to more animals than any other national animal protection organization in the United States."

These 3 cats belong to two of my best friends. Going from left to right, is Ping, Pong, and Peaches. Ping and Pong (the Siamese cats) were found and rescued along side of a road when they were kittens.

P.S, I received an email from someone saying the comment feature wasn't working. I just got it fixed, so it should work now! :)

Funky Florals

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OK-- I lied. My brain was pretty fried today after my final, so I decided to take a long break.

A few months ago, one of my best friends told me about this website, Polyvore. Basically, it's a virtual styling tool that allows you to put together clothes and accessories from almost any store. Pretty neat, huh?

Everything from this outfit can be found at TopShop. I would recommend looking to F21 for any replicas. The two accessories on the right are a headband and a ring, not a belt and bracelet. :)

Current trends in this post: patters with patterns, florals, jeggings(leggings that look like jeans).
Note: All images provided by Polyvore, all clothing from TopShop.

Sail Away

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Hi Everyone!
No-- I have NOT abandoned this blog! I could never do such a thing. :)

This week is finals week. So, I haven't had  the time to make any posts, let alone let everyone know. I'll be back next week! xoxo

Converse: Nordstrom Rack $40

Love On The Rocks

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Hi guys! I know, it's been a while since I've posted a full outfit. Lo siento! (That's Spanish for "I'm sorry") I just got really tired of everything in my wardrobe, and didn't want to post anything new until I did some shopping. After several hours at the mall, I managed to get 1 tank top, and a few accessories. Like my friend says, it's just that awkward time between the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring, that makes it hard to find clothes.

I didn't notice how "dark" this outfit was until I saw pictures of it. To lighten things up, you can always add a coat of white nailpolish to your nails, and/or substitute the black cardigan for a cream colored one. I also totally forgot about shoes. I would go for plain black flats. The only accessory I'm wearing (you can't see it obviously :)), is a plain thin cream colored headband from f21.

Tank Top: Nordstrom B.P $18
Skirt: Nordstrom B.P $40
Tights: F21 $6
Cardigan: Old Navy $20 SALE

I would really recommend getting one of these over-the-door coat hangers. They are extremely handy,especially if you have a limited amount of space in your dorm/apartment/sorority/ect... I think this one is from Ross, and was $8.