Mr. Clean

Here are some of my favorite products to maintain a fresh and clean living area:

Febreze. I have been using this product since my first year of college. I really like this spray because it stays true to what the company advertises it as. Like most college students, my living space isn't the largest. Whenever my roommates and I cook, or after we have a lot of people over, the apartment can get a little stuffy and not have the freshest scent. Although this product may be a little strong (which is why I try to use as little as possible), it works to eliminate odors, rather than cover them up. The best part: it actually works!

Coincidentally, every year I have a roommate with a weak immune system, leading them to be frequently ill. To prevent from getting sick myself, I like to wipe down the counters with these disinfecting wipes. They aren't the best at picking up dust, but they work great for getting rid of cold/flu germs.

I haven't used this product as much as the other two. This Lysol spray is pretty similar to the Clorox wipes (because it is also a disinfectant), except you don't really need to wipe anything away. I guess you could use this if you are feeling lazy. :)

You can get these products at your local Wal-Mart, or Target...pretty much any place that sells household cleaning items.


Natasha M. said...

Ha i am a total neat freak and use the same products as you... thanks for following my blog too. us college girls gotta stick together. hopefully we will build up our fan base but for now thanks for your support girl!

kirstyb said...

i dont know what i would have done at uni without febreeze lol xoxoox