Pretty Woman

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm finally back at school from being on Spring Break. Yesterday was the first day of class, and I was already making flashcards. I can't decide whether that is a good thing or bad thing.

I am absolutely loving this year's spring trends. One of my friends just got back from visiting LA, and she said that satchels were all the rage. I can totally understand why, since they seem to be really handy by being compact and allowing your hands to be free. I, myself have been noticing trends like red lipstick, Ray Ban "wayfarer" and "Jackie O" style sunglasses. I couldn't help but to snag up a few of these items.

Check out these Ray Ban knock offs!
Sunglasses: Nordstrom B.P $10
They also have really cheap (around $5) and stylish sunglasses at F21.

I am especially excited for this find because it is my first lipstick! What I really like about it is that it's not super red, which makes it a great shade for spring/summer.
(Swatch was taken with no flash)
Lipstick: Wal-Mart, Revlon in Strawberry Suede $6

Satchel: Nordstrom B.P. in Winter White $22
(Nailpolish shown in picture: China Glaze, Peachy Keen)

Like a typical college student, I love good deals and saving money. My favorite way to save is to not purchase anything I wouldn't need throughout the quarter. That way, I will have enough to spend when I shop and go out with friends during each break. This is also a good way to reward yourself after many weeks of hard work.

Now listening to: When I Look At You- Miley Cyrus...I really want to see her movie, The Last Song!

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