Spring Has Sprung

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's finally Spring...and we all know what that means! Bright nail polish! I've been eyeing the new Essie Spring collection, but I have this rule where I won't pay more than $6 for a bottle of nail polish. What can I say, I'm just a typical college student trying to save money. I was out shopping this weekend, as well as today and found 1 dupe and 2 inspirations for a few of the Essie colors that are much cheaper! :)

This one is probably my favorite. It's called "Lavender", from F21 ($2.80) and best represents Lilacism. It looks absolutely AMAZING on my friend who has a dark skin tone. She tried it on in the store, and convinced me to get it just by how it looked on her nail.

OK...OK, I know this looks absolutely nothing like Tart Deco. It is definitely a few shades lighter. I guess you could say I was inspired by Tart Deco, which led me in to purchasing this color, Peachy Keen from China Glaze. It was actually on sale at my local beauty store for $5 (original is a little more than $6)!

This color also looks nothing like any of the colors from the Essie collection. However, I bought it because I was inspired by how Tart Deco looked on a swatch somebody posted online. There was definitely something different about their lighting, since it looked really red-ish rather than orange. Like the lavender color above, this color is also from F21 ($2.80) and is called "Coral". Something amazing about it-- I painted 2 coats of it with no clear on Saturday, and 4 days later (today), there are no signs of chipping...at all! I have to give this nail polish the award for best wear and tear resistance.
This picture was taken yesterday, which would mark the 3rd day. With all of my other nail polishes, my nails would all be half chipped by this time. Also--the color shows up a little darker than what it looks like in the bottle, but I still like it! :)

There you have it, folks. My Spring nail polish favorites!

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Barelyvogue said...

I am with you on the saving money. But i really loved tart deco :(

DiamondsandTulle said...

Love these colors! I think they do look like the Essie colors _ I just blogged about my 3 nail polish picks too!

I'm currently wearing Lilacsm on toes, and Neo Whimsical on my fingers!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com