Brighter Than Sunshine


Purple tank: Old Navy $5 SALE
White T-shirt: Victoria's Secret 2 for $22
Cardigan: Nordstrom, B.P.
Shorts: Old Navy $15 SALE
Scarf: Old Navy $12
Sunglasses: Nordstrom, B.P. $10
Converse: Nordstrom Rack

Would you rather be a foot shorter, or a foot taller from the height you are now? I would rather be a foot taller.

Hair And There

Need simple and quick hair ideas for school? Here are a few styles that I frequently wear:

1. Pin your bangs back with a fancy bobby pin. These are from F21 (3 for $4.80).

2. Throw on a cute headband! These are from F21 and are all under $5.

3. Rock a high side ponytail.

4. Flaunt the infamous Lauren Conrad Braid. You can either secure the end of your braid with a small rubber band and let it hang-- as I did here, or pin it back to have it look like Lauren's. Tutorials can be found on YouTube by searching "Lauren Conrad braid".
image via The Style Spy

5. Show off a Milk Maid braid. This hairstyle works best with long hair that is not too layered.

Would you rather eat 200 slices of American cheese or 2,000 raisins? I would choose the raisins.

Simple For Spring

Ever since I started college, I have come to be less of an accessories person. My ways from high school have changed quite a bit. But don't get me wrong, I do love a good chunky necklace every once in a while.

Here are some ideas on how to keep it simple for Spring. My inspiration came from the pictures Teen Vogue posted from Coachella 2010. (Keds were very popular!)
image via Polyvore

Shoes: Keds $35-$50
Shorts: Forever 21 $20 each
Tops: Forever 21 $7.90-$16
Sunglasses: Forever 21 $5.80 each

Through The Looking Glass

If you are a good friend of mine, you will know that I rarely ever wear dresses. I don't despise them, I just prefer skirts. However, when I found this dress last year at F21 for just $12, I couldn't resist. The best part: it wasn't even on sale. With its braided straps and lightweight material, this would make a perfect summer dress.

An explanation for the blurry feet: I was jamming to music.
Dress: F21
Long sleeve crew neck: Nordstrom, B.P., Rubbish $12 SALE
Tights: F21 $6
Belt: F21 $4
Cardigan: American Eagle
Ring: BOMA, Marcasite collection

Would you rather: Have your eyes closed in every picture you take from now on, or have something on your face in every picture you take from now on?

P.s, I noticed that everytime I click on one of my images, it navigates to a new page where it displays the original size. If anyone knows how to "unlink" an image/fix this, it would be great if you could let me know! Thanks in advance.

Seeing Spots

Today, I have a guest model! It is my lovely friend who I mention in 99% of my posts. I like to think of her as the Queen of Accessories. What are your favorite accessories to wear?
Leopard print scarf: Unknown
Crew Neck Sweatshirt: Unknown
Messenger bag: Nordstrom, B.P., Lulu $24
Pearl Headband: F21
Earrings: Nordstrom, B.P., Rachel
Jeans: Nordstrom, B.P., IT! Jeans
Gray Tee: Uknown

1. Crystal Ball by Keane
2. It's Good To Be In Love by Frou Frou
3. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
4. Bulletproof by La Roux
5. Sometime Around Midnight (Acousitc) by The Airborne Toxic Event

Purple Nails and Holy Grails

I've been really into nail polish lately. It's getting to the point where I wear a different color every week. Wait-- that's not even extreme. What am I talking about? Anyway, I stopped using that NYC top coat I was raving about in this post. My nail polish lasts SO MUCH LONGER without it.
Nail Polish: F21 Lavender $2.80
Onto the next topic: Skin. During my freshman year of college, one of my best friends tried to get me to start using Clinique. She purchased their 3-step system a few months prior, and said it was one of the best things invented. Even her brother started using it. I didn't really believe her because with the skin I had, I literally tried everything under the sun. Aside from Clinique, of course.

Let me tell you about my skin. I've had blemish problems for a number of years now. In high school, it got so bad, my dermatologist classified it as severe and offered me Accutane (a powerful acne drug that can really harm your insides). I didn't want to be taking any risks with my health, so I decided to decline it. Shortly after that, I got really frustrated with the products I was using, and decided it was time to try something new. It was time to purchase the Clinique 3-step skincare system...three years after my friend had told me about it.

My skin isn't perfect now. But I have to say that it is a LOT better. My friends even started noticing, and I feel like I finally have SOME control of my skin. I'm not saying that this is a miracle in a bottle, but if you've tried everything else like I have and haven't seen any results-- I would highly recommend this. Price wise, I would say that it's quite cheap compared to other non-drugstore brands. I am pretty sure that the total price for the 3-step kit is around $50. They also have a sampler kit available for $30. I go through one toner and face wash every 1.5-2 months, but only because I use a lot. It will vary from person to person. Just an FYI, the picture below is not the 3 step system. Only the 2 products to the right are a part of it.
Products I use, going from left to right:
1. Emergency Gel-Lotion Intensif (I would highly recommend this over the other Spot Healing Gel. Don't use this if you have dark skin, though. My friend who is African American used it and it bleached her skin.)
2. Oil-control cleansing mask (This is a great clay mask that sucks out all the dirt from your pores. I usually use it at night on my whole face once a week, or as a spot treatment).
3. Cleansing foam
4. Clarifying lotion aka toner. I suggest you apply this with a cotton ball rather than a cotton pad. I find cotton balls to be the best picker-uppers of dirt and dead skin. (That sounds gross, I know.)

All of these products are from the Acne Solutions line. You should first talk to a consultant before purchasing the 3-step system. They have different formulas specialized for different types of skin. In all, this is the best acne product I have used hands down. I know firsthand that having acne isn't fun, so feel free to comment below or send me an email if you ever want to talk about your experience!

This is the moisturizer I use. I wouldn't say it's the best. It's actually kind of pricey. My skin doesn't really absorb it too well, but it still works. I'm planning on switching over to their Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel as soon as this one runs out. It's cheaper, and I've been told it works the same.

You can find Clinique products at their website, Sephora, Macy's, or Nordstrom. I'm sure there are more places, but I usually get my products from these stores.

Life Is Good

image via candiedclouds

Happy Saturday! I have been tagged by the wonderful Cara from The Marvelous Flight Of Cara to answer the following questions:

1. What is your ring size? ...I think it's 6.
2. What color can you absolutely not wear? OK-- this may sound really weird, but I have this thing where I can't wear a navy blue top if I'm wearing jeans. Most of my jeans are a dark wash, and I feel like if I have a navy blue top on, my whole outfit will all blend together to look like a suit. See? I told you it was weird.
3. If you were to be a character on Winnie the Pooh, who would you be? Definitely PIGLET! He is too cute.
4. How many keys are on your keyring? 1. mailbox, 2. main door, and 3. my APT.
5. What's your favorite eye color? Oh-- for sure GREEN. I wish I had green eyes.
6. What would your dream date consist of, and with who? My dream date would definitely be with Adam Brody, Ryan Sheckler, or Chace Crawford...or all 3. I don't mind what we do because I would probably be too mesmerized by my date's presence to pay attention to anything else.
7. What's your all time FAVORITE candy? Swedish Fish or Andes Mints!

I'm going to tag:
fashion champagne
...with the same questions!

All The Single Ladies

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I was having dinner the other night with one of my best friends. She has been SUCH an inspiration to this blog. Every post I make has a little piece of her in it. I'm trying to get her to guest post one of these days. You guys would love her. Wow, I said "her" like a kajillion times just now.

We started talking about hairstyles and haircuts. My hair is getting to be really long, and she has been trying to get me to make a bold move by chopping it all off. I've always had long hair, and I told her that it is universally agreed upon that guys prefer longer hair. (Actually, I don't know if that's really true. I just heard it from some guy and believed it. LOL) She then said, "Yeah, guys may prefer longer hair. But there is a point to where it can get TOO long-- and you're getting there." One of the things I love most about her is her honesty. It's weird because she is probably the only person I can take brutal honesty from without getting offended. I guess it just comes with her personality.

She went on to tell me about this article Cosmopolitan magazine put together on what guys REALLY think about a woman's appearance and mannerisms. It was quite an interesting read.

Here are some products I have been using that relate to the article:

image via Polyvore

1. Polyvore didn't have a picture of the eyeliner I usually use, which is by the brand Alamay. I decided to feature L'Oreal's Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner instead. I've heard a few good things about it. $8
2. Covergirl Lashblast Mascara (the next best thing to false lashes!) $7
3. Banana Boat Tanning Lotion SPF 25 $10
4. Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer $15
5. BareMinerals foundation (this stuff gives you great coverage that looks natural, and not cakey) $24
6. NYC nailpolish in Big Apple Red Creme and random pink nail polish I don't know the names of :) (I would recommend Polyester Pink Creme by NYC) $.99 each

Vibrant Florals

I thought it was time for an outfit post. It's been a while. Enjoy!

p.s, I'm working on some really exciting posts as of right now. I am SO excited to share them with you guys. Stay tuned!

Skirt: Nordstrom, B.P., Mimi Chica
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Pssst
Belt: F21 $3
Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, MIA $30
Nailpolish: fingers- Petities in Cabernet
toes- China Glaze in Shocking Pink

...And It's Contagious

Image via candiedclouds

I've decided to start a new thing. Since I can't post an outfit every day, the next best substitute (for Mondays at least), would be a little something called MUSIC MONDAYS! So, for every Monday that I cannot make an outfit post or a post in general, I'll list 5 songs that I would recommend. I usually won't have a theme, but the songs for this week all seem to be really girly.

1. Mushaboom by Feist
2. Hey Soul Sister by Train
3. December by Norah Jones
4. Us by Regina Spektor
5. Worn Me Down by Rachael Yamagata

Cool Kicks

While on the Teen Vogue website today, I stumbled upon the contest finalists who designed their own version of Tom's Shoes. For those who don't know, for every pair of Tom's Shoes you purchase, they will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. What a great cause!

Out of all the entries, these were my favorite.

image via Teen Vogue

Baker's Dozen

So my best guy friend just graduated last year with a degree in Pastry Arts. He's always baking things. I'm going to try and squeeze a few recipes out of him, as well as pictures in the process of each creation. So, if I'm lucky enough, be expecting some how-to's in the next couple months of some tasty treates like these:

This was a Carmel Chocolate Macadamia Tart he made back in December. Funny story: I had to call him to get the name, because I forgot what it was called. Then he was like, "I have to go because I'm making a Banana Creme pie." ...see? I told you he was always baking.

These were some AMAZING red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and an Andes Mint (Holiday Candy cane Edition) decoration.

It's easier to cry in a Porsche, than a Honda

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Hi Everyone! Wow, it feels like I haven't posted on this blog in so long. In reality, it has only been a week. It's good to be back. The weather has been really nice here these past few days. I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can bust out my old gladiator sandals. The title of this post is a quote one of my best friends has said a few times. The take-home message of it is that basically, for those that are currently in school, you should try to work as hard as you can in order to obtain the best future possible. When it comes down to it, even though money may not be the root of all happiness, it DOES make life a little easier.

Last night, my friend (who I've known since 5th grade) and I went out to celebrate our birthdays with a few close friends from college and high school. We both turned 21! Although It wasn't an extremely wild night, we did manage to make some memories. I didn't get too crazy because I had class the next day. Surprisingly, I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and managed to be wide awake and ready to go. I was still a little tired from getting back so late, so I didn't feel like dressing up much.

Do you ever have those days where you don't feel like dressing up? This isn't what I wore to school today, but it's an outfit I often throw on when I feel like "scrubbin' it". Yes, I did tie-dye the shirt myself. You can get a tie-dye kit of your own from pretty much any craft store. I've also seen a really cheap one at Target (~$8) that has 3 colors, if you are looking for something more simple. The one we got was from Micheal's and had 8 or 10 colors. I can't really remember the exact number. This is a really great activity for the summertime. I would recommend doing it outside, and on a surface you wouldn't mind getting dirty. My friends and I cut open a few big black garbage bags to make a tarp like sheet and sprawled out onto the grass. If you are worried about getting dye on your hands, a good solution is to wear rubber/plastic gloves because the ink may take a few days to come off.

No matter how old I am, I will always be a kid at heart.

T-Shirt: Target, little boy's section, pack of 3
Yoga pants: Old Navy $20 SALE

I painted my nails to match my outfit for yesterday. It may not look like it because of the lighting, but aside from my ring finger, all of my the other nails were painted the same color.
Nailpolish: F21, Metallic Blue and Navy

Here is a peek at what I wore last night. The reason why I didn't feature it in this post was because I wasn't loving it. I really like each piece by itself, just not so much together. I had very little time to put together this outfit because I had so much studying to do so it doesn't really reflect my best styling skills.

This is my friend's cat. Isn't she adorable? She hung out with us for a little before we left for the night.

Hiatus (again, sorry!)

Ahh-- this week has been unbelievably hectic, and it's only the 2nd week of school. Next week I have a test, and am also going out for my birthday so I need to try and get ahead on schoolwork. I really really don't want to go on hiatus, but it's for the best, and I will see everyone next Friday (4-16-2010). Till then, fellow bloggers and fashionistas!

Boots: Nordstrom
(OK, OK-- I know that UGGS are bad for your posture, but I still love them...regardless!)

The Secret Garden

I have been so obsessed with florals lately. Here are some adorable pieces I stumbled upon while looking for some new inspiration. Each piece would look fantastic paired with something plain and solid colored. I apologize for the bad quality of the images. I don't have PhotoShop on my laptop, so I am forced to use Paint. As some of you know, saving a file as a .jpg on Paint downgrades the quality of it by quite a bit.
1. Rose Print Dress: Miss Selfridge 32GBP ($48.57)
2. Smocked Floral Skirt: Alloy $25
3. Printed Lace Floral Tights: Top Shop $30
4. Small Rose Stud Earrings: ASOS $6.90
5. Crackle Floral Frame Purse: Top Shop $40
6. Multi Floral Scarf: Dorothy Perkins 12GBP ($18.21)
7. Pastel Floral Vest Top: Miss Selfridge 18GBP ($27.32)

All images via Polyvore

Eye Of The Tiger

I hope everyone had a great Easter/weekend! This entry is going to be fairly short. I was in the middle of writing this post as quickly as I could (because I wanted to get to my homework) when my friend who I don't get to talk to very often called. So-- my mission was postponed. Here I am, 30 minutes later.

This is what I wore to school today.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Old Navy $20
White Tank: GAP, Mom's Closet
Jeans: Nordstrom
Boots: Nordstrom, Star Ling

Currently listening to: Under Control- Parachute