Baker's Dozen

So my best guy friend just graduated last year with a degree in Pastry Arts. He's always baking things. I'm going to try and squeeze a few recipes out of him, as well as pictures in the process of each creation. So, if I'm lucky enough, be expecting some how-to's in the next couple months of some tasty treates like these:

This was a Carmel Chocolate Macadamia Tart he made back in December. Funny story: I had to call him to get the name, because I forgot what it was called. Then he was like, "I have to go because I'm making a Banana Creme pie." ...see? I told you he was always baking.

These were some AMAZING red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and an Andes Mint (Holiday Candy cane Edition) decoration.


Beauty H2T said...

These look too amazing! my mouth is actually watering


animal print gal said...

Oh, I love cupcakes, these look delicious!