Brighter Than Sunshine


Purple tank: Old Navy $5 SALE
White T-shirt: Victoria's Secret 2 for $22
Cardigan: Nordstrom, B.P.
Shorts: Old Navy $15 SALE
Scarf: Old Navy $12
Sunglasses: Nordstrom, B.P. $10
Converse: Nordstrom Rack

Would you rather be a foot shorter, or a foot taller from the height you are now? I would rather be a foot taller.


Beauty H2T said...

i love this, perfect comfy, cool look. wish it was warm enough here!!
I would rather be a little shorter, just so jeans fitted better!


Cara said...

Incredibly adorable outfit. I might steal some inspiration for myself on this lovely day!

Also, I would rather be a foot taller. Otherwise, I might become legally a midget... haha!


Ms.Imperfection ♥ said...

Wow that outfit is cute. It is sunny here but not sunny enough for shorts...*sigh*

I would rather be a foot taller. I am pretty short!

Cara said...

Ps, left you something on my blog, gorgeous!


Kate said...

I really love that yellow cardigan! Such a cool casual outfit!

Orchid said...

your outfit spells out FUN!!! and the dress in the previous post is very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

cute stuff-enjoyed reading your blog!

Joanna Goddard said...

you're so adorable!