Hair And There

Need simple and quick hair ideas for school? Here are a few styles that I frequently wear:

1. Pin your bangs back with a fancy bobby pin. These are from F21 (3 for $4.80).

2. Throw on a cute headband! These are from F21 and are all under $5.

3. Rock a high side ponytail.

4. Flaunt the infamous Lauren Conrad Braid. You can either secure the end of your braid with a small rubber band and let it hang-- as I did here, or pin it back to have it look like Lauren's. Tutorials can be found on YouTube by searching "Lauren Conrad braid".
image via The Style Spy

5. Show off a Milk Maid braid. This hairstyle works best with long hair that is not too layered.

Would you rather eat 200 slices of American cheese or 2,000 raisins? I would choose the raisins.


Fuji Files said...

I'm going to try the braid this weekend!

xx FujiFiles

Fernanda Lucila said...

I've been dying for my layers to grow out so that I can finally braid my hair!!

And as for your question, I don't eat cheese or raisins, but I think I'd rather go with the raisins :P

Cara said...

Raisins. EW I can barely put down one piece of American Cheese.

I love how you have these questions at the end of your posts.

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Very cute post. I'd take the raisins...I HATE America Cheese.

Anonymous said...

I need to learn how to do the LC braid! Love it.

Ms.Imperfection ♥ said...

The braid is really cute! :) I don't know how to make it though. :(

Raisins all the way.

Ms.Imperfection ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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