It's easier to cry in a Porsche, than a Honda

Hi Everyone! Wow, it feels like I haven't posted on this blog in so long. In reality, it has only been a week. It's good to be back. The weather has been really nice here these past few days. I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can bust out my old gladiator sandals. The title of this post is a quote one of my best friends has said a few times. The take-home message of it is that basically, for those that are currently in school, you should try to work as hard as you can in order to obtain the best future possible. When it comes down to it, even though money may not be the root of all happiness, it DOES make life a little easier.

Last night, my friend (who I've known since 5th grade) and I went out to celebrate our birthdays with a few close friends from college and high school. We both turned 21! Although It wasn't an extremely wild night, we did manage to make some memories. I didn't get too crazy because I had class the next day. Surprisingly, I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and managed to be wide awake and ready to go. I was still a little tired from getting back so late, so I didn't feel like dressing up much.

Do you ever have those days where you don't feel like dressing up? This isn't what I wore to school today, but it's an outfit I often throw on when I feel like "scrubbin' it". Yes, I did tie-dye the shirt myself. You can get a tie-dye kit of your own from pretty much any craft store. I've also seen a really cheap one at Target (~$8) that has 3 colors, if you are looking for something more simple. The one we got was from Micheal's and had 8 or 10 colors. I can't really remember the exact number. This is a really great activity for the summertime. I would recommend doing it outside, and on a surface you wouldn't mind getting dirty. My friends and I cut open a few big black garbage bags to make a tarp like sheet and sprawled out onto the grass. If you are worried about getting dye on your hands, a good solution is to wear rubber/plastic gloves because the ink may take a few days to come off.

No matter how old I am, I will always be a kid at heart.

T-Shirt: Target, little boy's section, pack of 3
Yoga pants: Old Navy $20 SALE

I painted my nails to match my outfit for yesterday. It may not look like it because of the lighting, but aside from my ring finger, all of my the other nails were painted the same color.
Nailpolish: F21, Metallic Blue and Navy

Here is a peek at what I wore last night. The reason why I didn't feature it in this post was because I wasn't loving it. I really like each piece by itself, just not so much together. I had very little time to put together this outfit because I had so much studying to do so it doesn't really reflect my best styling skills.

This is my friend's cat. Isn't she adorable? She hung out with us for a little before we left for the night.

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