The Secret Garden

I have been so obsessed with florals lately. Here are some adorable pieces I stumbled upon while looking for some new inspiration. Each piece would look fantastic paired with something plain and solid colored. I apologize for the bad quality of the images. I don't have PhotoShop on my laptop, so I am forced to use Paint. As some of you know, saving a file as a .jpg on Paint downgrades the quality of it by quite a bit.
1. Rose Print Dress: Miss Selfridge 32GBP ($48.57)
2. Smocked Floral Skirt: Alloy $25
3. Printed Lace Floral Tights: Top Shop $30
4. Small Rose Stud Earrings: ASOS $6.90
5. Crackle Floral Frame Purse: Top Shop $40
6. Multi Floral Scarf: Dorothy Perkins 12GBP ($18.21)
7. Pastel Floral Vest Top: Miss Selfridge 18GBP ($27.32)

All images via Polyvore


kirstyb said...

i need number 2 in my life x

Laken said...

I am whole-heartedly on the floral bandwagon.
Annnd... you have an award on my blog!

ceo said...

I love some flowers.....

Chloe said...


I'm absolutely obsessed witht those gorgy Topshop

--Chloe **

Robyn said...

I agree-- I'm greedily eyeing everything floral right now! #7 looks like a good option for pairing with distressed denim or a cute circle mini skirt...

Cute blog!