Through The Looking Glass

If you are a good friend of mine, you will know that I rarely ever wear dresses. I don't despise them, I just prefer skirts. However, when I found this dress last year at F21 for just $12, I couldn't resist. The best part: it wasn't even on sale. With its braided straps and lightweight material, this would make a perfect summer dress.

An explanation for the blurry feet: I was jamming to music.
Dress: F21
Long sleeve crew neck: Nordstrom, B.P., Rubbish $12 SALE
Tights: F21 $6
Belt: F21 $4
Cardigan: American Eagle
Ring: BOMA, Marcasite collection

Would you rather: Have your eyes closed in every picture you take from now on, or have something on your face in every picture you take from now on?

P.s, I noticed that everytime I click on one of my images, it navigates to a new page where it displays the original size. If anyone knows how to "unlink" an image/fix this, it would be great if you could let me know! Thanks in advance.


Chanel Craves said...

Cute F21 for great deals!

Come check out my new post.

Cara said...

Love the dress.
And the tights.
And the belt.
And the entire outfit.


Eleanor said...

definatly have something on my face!! haha!
love the tights!

Danielle Barbe said...

great tights!!

Runway Rundown said...

Kudos for pairing the dress with a belt!

Cute As Nikki said...

I would have to say having my eyes shut. At least if I did my make up pretty, it wouldn't be so bad. :O

But those tights are so cool. I definitely need to find something like those.

Marie said...
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Marie said...

Cute outfit! Love the lace tights.

I have the solution to your little picture issue. When you're editing your post, go into the "Edit HTML" format. You need to find the little tag that says "a href="" (or whatever image it happens to be) and delete it. There should also be the tag "/a", and you need to delete that as well. Make sure you only delete those things, otherwise you may delete your image by mistake! Double check your post to make sure everything is A-OK by going back into the "Compose" format.

Hope this helps!

t said...

Nice look! Great tights.