Healthy Snacking

Healthy foods make me feel fresh, energized, and well...healthy! If you are looking for some healthy snack suggestions, check these out:
{fresh watermelon}

{Berries. My mom usually buys a giant bag of these that come frozen from Costco. It's a lot cheaper this way, because fresh berries can be expensive, spoil faster, and they tend to come in one-serving packages. I usually pour a good amount into a bowl, drizzle a little bit of honey over the top, and wait about ten minutes for them to thaw out.}

{Hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein. I like to eat these with a little bit of salt.}

{Boiled artichoke with olive oil and lemon. You can find directions on how to prepare an artichoke here and more recipes for more dips here. This makes a great snack for studying or a party. The only part you eat is the meat on the inside of the leaf, rather than the entire leaf.}

Other ideas: yogurt with granola, Nutri-Grain bars, dried fruit, low-sodium pretzels, nuts, string cheese, whole wheat crackers with hummus dip, cottage cheese, and unsweetened apple sauce.

P.S, I really enjoyed reading your guys' feedback and movie lists on my previous post! I'll have to check out some of the movies that were mentioned. You guys are great!


Ms.Imperfection ♥ said...

I love artichokes! They are so good! :)

Cara said...

Never thought of drizzling honey on frozen berries! SUCH a good idea! Thanks girl.


katjusha said...

fresh watermelon is the best! YUMMY!
greetings from berlin/germany!

P.S.: Cara, i made a remake of Beyonce´s new videoclip (Inspired look for low budget! :))

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, those berries look so delicious! I'm going to take your advice and buy a giant bag of frozen berries this week!


Audrey J. said...

i want berries! thanks i hope this encourage me to get in shape!!!

Closet Hound said...

I've never eaten an artichoke whole before. Haha. I probably would have eaten the entire leaf if I tried. And I love love love watermelon. Especially for summer


Josie said...

Hard-boiled egg whites with just a pinch of salt are a favorite of mine, and ANY summer fruit is a fantastic snack!
xxoo Josie