Mother Nature Is Indecisive

I have one word to describe the weather we've been having lately: BIPOLAR. Yesterday morning, all the Seattlelites woke up to beautiful, sunny weather. By late afternoon, we were all greeted with pouring rain and strong winds. This morning wasn't too bad. I wouldn't classify it as "nice weather" though. It was a little damp from the storm we had last night with cloudy skies. By late afternoon, Mother Nature decided to be kind, and bring out the sun again. I feel I have to dress to accommodate for a snow storm and a heat wave. Only in Seattle, would you catch someone wearing shorts with a parka and snow boots. ;)

Here is what I wore to school today:

{Jeans with flapped pockets = instant illusion of a booty}

rain coat: North Face //shirt: Nordstrom Rack $8 SALE //scarf: Nordstrom B.P. //Jeans: Nordstrom

I've been experimenting a lot with my hair lately. I finally found a way to get perfect beach waves without using any sort of heat, or product. My secret weapon is...the french braid! I usually wash my hair at night, and once it gets to a reasonable level of dry-ness, I loosely french braid it, making sure to grab large pieces to create bigger waves, and leave it in overnight. By morning, I wake up with the waves you see below. I try to not use any product to preserve the natural look. This is a simple and easy hairstyle, perfect for summer! (Note: my hair is naturally pin straight).


Beauty H2T said...

you know I have literally just got into bed with my hair in two braids, i do it most nights and people think i actually have wavy hair- it is so much easier this way!! Love the scarf, it is amazing how it can brighten up a dull day,

hope you are good lady,


Cara said...

I love the new hairstyle! It's so nice to find a new way to style your hair after finding it to be boring. That's how mine's been lately, at least. Boring. Blah.

And I like what you think about my shoes more than what I think. It makes more sense. Maybe I was biased.


Romany said...

Ah, Seattle sounds like Melbourne! Completely unpredictable, all-over-the-place weather! But I guess after so many years, I'm used to it now...
Yes I'm the same - I was my hair at night, but wear it in a bun until it's reasonably dry, take it out and then sleep on it and I wake up to some nice waves (and I agree - no products). Ah, the tricks we girls use... ;)

its simple love said...

what the what!? You got that for $8? That's a heck of a good deal. Nice job. The weather is being bipolar here too. Ugh.

Orchid said...

such a cool and casual outfit and the pink scarf really adds it.

Justine said...

I really like this jeans! Do you mind telling me what brand they are? I have the most trouble finding good fitting jeans.

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