P.s, I Love You

Today is my best friend, R's birthday! She turned 21. A lot of her friends have midterms tomorrow (including myself), so going out wasn't an option for tonight. We're celebrating tomorrow, though! Tonight, we had dinner at a local pub. It was kind of weird walking in, since I just turned 21 myself. I kept on thinking, "Wait...I'm not old enough to be here"...but I am! Our waitors were super cute. As my friend would say, "they look like ex Irish rock band members." Her comment made me think of Gerard Butler from P.s, I Love You, which by the way was an EXCELLENT movie. R got a free drink for her birthday, which she could barely finish, and I got water. We're such noobies. That's ok though, because drinking isn't good for you anyways.

image via we heart it

Being 21 is great. Places that require you to be of age are a completely different world. They are filled with ADULTS. haha! That sounds kind of weird because you're probably thinking, "Wait, there are adults everywhere-- the mall, the libarary, and the streets!" That is indeed true. I guess you could think of bars as a place where adults don't act as serious. It's a setting where they are free to let loose and have fun. People watching in bars is the best. This concept is kind of hard to explain. I guess if you're not 21 yet, you'll experience it sooner or later. Get excited!


Joanne Angelina said...

I honestly love being in my 20's. I think there's this whole insight of endless opportunities to do what the heart wishes...love that Gerard Butler, he was super nice in person too! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

elledee said...

ha, very cute post!