Stripes and Rosettes

This past weekend, my parents took me birthday shopping! I was on the lookout for several trends that have recently caught my eye. The first, is Breton stripes. I came across this racer back tank top, that happened to be the last one on the rack. Even though it didn't consist of Breton stripes, I fell in love with it, regardless. The intricate rosette detailing next to the vintage inspired navy stripes reminded me of something I would see in Anthropologie (for much cheaper, of course).

Other trends I have been adoring are statement necklaces, right-above-the-knee jean shorts, and Tom's Shoes. What are some trends that you love? or hate?

top: Nordstrom B.P., Lush //jeans: Nordstrom B.P. Vigoss Studio //boots: Star Ling //belt: F21 //ring: BOMA, Marcasite collection


Cara said...

LOVE the rosette top.
and yes, breton stripes have also caught my eye along with tom's. right above the knee shorts just do not work for my body type.

michael kors dress is getting posted tonight! xoxox

Fernanda dauphine said...

I loved your whole outfit, I'm still in love with skirts-tops, and dresses; I wish I could wear those boots, but it's really hot in here, instead i bought some sandals.

Anonymous said...

Your top is lovely! I love the neckline detail. And I have been bitten by the Breton stripe bug, too. I've been gravitating towards all things stripes and its terrible (especially since I'm supposed to be cutting down on spending!)But I LOVE the simplicity of your outfit! Sometimes it's hard to traipse to class all dressed up in high heels.

- Sharon

Anonymous said...

love the boots
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments