While at Urban Outfitters last week, my friend R and I spotted the most adorable sneakers. I have always been a fan of classic Keds. I even owned a pair as a kid. Although the original Keds are not too badly priced, I would much rather spend $15 on a pair of knock-offs. Here is one way I would style them:

shirt: Eight Sixty, Nordstrom Rack $25 //skirt: Lush, Nordstrom B.P. //shoes: Urban Outfitters $15 (2 for $30)

1. Kissing You by Miranda Cosgrove
2. Like We Used To by A Rocket To The Moon
3. 1901 by Phoenix
4. So Obvious by Runner Runner
5. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Red, White, and Blue

Need some inspiration on how to look cute this Independence Day? Whether you are trying to impress your crush, or just want to look chic for cheap, the following pieces (all under $23) will be sure to make you the belle of the BBQ this 4th of July.
images via polyvore

1. braided trim bubble dress Wet Seal $19 SALE
2. casual sandals F21 $17
3. flower headband F21 $4.80 SALE
4. seed bead knot stud earrings Urban Outfitters $14

5. rose sandals F21 $20 (canadian)
6. wedges F21 $12 SALE
7. ruffle tank F21 $16

8. floral blue and purple dress F21 $20
9. ruffle strapless dress F21 $12 SALE
10. blue floral dress F21 $23
11. color block dress F21 $14

Road Trip: Canada

After making our way down to the beautiful state of Oregon, my friends and I decided to head up to Canada. Our first stop was the public market of Granville Island. Here are some pictures of the fresh produce and food we encountered. There is nothing better than a famer's market on a sunny day.

VooDoo Doughnut

As I had mentioned in my previous post, a few friends and I drove down to Oregon earlier this week. One of our stops included a place called VooDoo Doughnut, that was featured on a show called Man vs Food (enthusiastically explained to me by my friend B). I kept on wanting to call it "VooDoo Doughnuts", with an "s" for some reason. B (my tourist-y friend), was beyond excited about this place. We even spent a good half hour driving around downtown Portland on empty stomachs looking for it. Although we managed to snag a parking spot directly in front of the bakery, nothing could suppress the extremely unexpected long line that curved around the block. In the end, it was worth the wait. B got their famous bacon maple bar, his sister chose an M&M covered vanilla cake style donut, and I decided on a custard filled raised one. B and his friend N also both got a dozen assorted ones to take home.

Road Trip: Oregon

Earlier this week, a few friends and I packed our bags and headed out to Oregon for the day. My friend B is a huge tourist attraction fanatic-- he loves everything and anything that has to do with travelling and tourist attractions. He even acts like a tourist in our own city.

Prior to our departure, he had mapped out several popular locations in Oregon that he had seen on TV, or had heard of by word of mouth. This was soon to be our itinerary. Our stops included a famous movie set location, a waterfall, and some of the best places to stuff your face. All in all, this road trip was the perfect way to spend the first official day of summer.

{Kalama High School: location of the parking lot scene in Twilight}

{Multnomah Falls}

{Voodoo Doghnut: featured on the popular TV series Man vs Food}
I'm going to make a separate post about this place.

{a ladybug landed on me while we were waiting in line for doughnuts}

{leaving downtown Portland}

{Tillamook Cheese factory}

{ice cream flavors}

{extremely large blocks of cheese travelling down a conveyor belt}

Color Splash

The sun came out for the first time in a long time today. I haven't been outside yet, so I'm not too sure on how warm it actually is. Sometimes the sun can be deceiving, but I'm hoping for it to be at least 67 degrees or more. That's warm for Washington.

Yesterday, my friend R found this adorable skirt while we were at F21. It was only $8.80, and that was the original price! What a great deal.

top: Old Navy $10 SALE //skirt: F21 $8.80 //Belt: Mom's closet //Nailpolish: F21 Lavender $2.80 and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Question of the moment: What are some of your favorite things about summer?

Summer Beauty


What have I been up to and why haven't I been posting outfits, you ask? After my final exams, I started my internship, and have been spending time with friends and family. Tomorrow, I'll finally get the chance to go shopping/bargain hunting once again. I'm hoping to be more successful than I was last Saturday at Target, because my closet is in dire need of summer attire! Outfit post coming soon!

Onto the next thing: I was on the Cosmo website today, and found an article with answers to several frequently asked summer beauty questions. Below, are some that I found particularly helpful. Be sure to check out the website for the rest because they are all great!

"Q: Is wearing makeup at the beach wrong?
A: Not necessarily. Just beware of anything too obvious, says Smashbox makeup artist Lori Taylor. Swipe on a tinted moisturizer with SPF to cover up any redness, and go for natural colors on your eyes and lips — pink, peach, gold, and bronze offset a summery skin tone, explains Taylor. Avoid anything too sticky or creamy, as it will attract sand and break down faster in the sun."

"Q: I'm going straight from the beach to a party. What's a no-fuss way to freshen up my look?
A: Look stunning as you go from seashore to dance floor with these get-foxy-on-the-fly tips from Beverly Hills makeup artist Valerie Sarnelle.
•Clean up with a premoistened face wipe. "This is key if you won't have access to a sink. You need to get off all the sunscreen and oils or you'll be slick (and not in a good way) all night," says Sarnelle. Try Avon Clearskin Deep Clean Cleansing Cloths, $3.49.
•If your skin's a little blotchy after your day outdoors, even out your complexion in one step with a dual-finish powder compact. Try Cover Girl Simply Powder Foundation, $5.27.
•Since you wore sunscreen all day, put a flattering flush in your cheeks with a petal pink powder blush. Try Bobbi Brown Essentials Blush in Soft Pink, $20.
•Line and fill lips with a neutral liner, then coat with a glistening rose gloss. Try Max Factor Color Perfection Luxe Lipgloss, $5.89.
•Brush your brows into place with a tinted brow gel. Try Valerie Beverly Hills Brow Tamer, $15. "When you have beautiful, defined brows, everything else falls into place," says Sarnelle."

"Q: Will my left-over sunscreen from last year still be effective?
A: Check to see if your bottle of sunscreen is stamped with an expiration date. If you don't see a date, the rule of thumb is that the active ingredients in sunscreen (like zinc, titanium dioxide and Parsol 1789) should remain stable and effective for about three years, according to David Leffell, MD, professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. But if it smells funny, feels lumpy or has a bizarro color, dump it. To keep your sunscreenas close to new as possible, store it in a dry spot at room temperature with the lid tightly fastened. Some of our favorites: Coppertone Ultrasheer Sunscreen Lotion, $11.89; Clinique Body Spray SPF 30 Sun Block, $17.50; Lancôme Soleil Expert SunCare SPF15, $27.50; and Banana Boat Surf Waterproof Sunblock SPF 15, $7.29."

"Q: I'm afraid of skin damage, but I want to look like I have a tan. How can I get a summer gleam without actually sitting out in the sun?
A: Here are four fantastic fine-tuned formulas:
•Pro fake-bake sessions: Mystic Tan offers you a range of intensities from light to dark. Looking for more personalized service? Thanks to a superpowered spray gun, you can get an airbrush tan job performed by a technician at salons doing California Tan Sunless treatments in only four minutes.
•Aerosol spray cans: Like aerosol hair sprays, these spew a continuous fine mist even when you hold them upside down. Try Lancôme Flash Bronzer Airbrush Spray, $28.
•Individual towelettes: These individually packed, presoaked sheets will coat your whole body with self-tanner. Try L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, $10.
•Speedy mousses: Perfect for crunch times, these airy foams dry in five minutes. A great one: Coppertone Endless Summer Bronzing Foam."

What are some of your summer beauty tips and tricks?
All images via WeHeartIt

Vampire Weekend

image via WeHeartIt

While at Target last week, I came across several extremely cute dresses, skirts, and rompers. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in any of the things I liked. I had a feeling that was going to happen. I'm going to try and venture out to another Target later this week, and possibly F21. I'll be sure to keep you girls updated on my everlasting quest for the perfect romper.

Here is the list for this week's MUSIC MONDAY:
1. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
2. Horchata- Vampire Weekend
3. Run- Vampire Weekend
4. Baby- Justin Bieber and Ludacris
5. Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha

If you couldn't already tell, one of my new favorite bands is Vampire Weekend. You guys should check out their new CD, "Contra". All of the songs are accessible via YouTube.

Rompers: Not Just For Babies


'Tis the season to flaunt a romper! That's right. These one piece ensembles are no longer just for babies. They are now expected to be one of the hottest trends of Summer 2010, and I've been dying to get my hands on one. Now that I am finally done with finals, my mission is to find the perfect romper. Perfect-- as in, price, quality, and looks. I think my first stop will be Target! I'll be sure to keep you girls updated on my findings.

Here are a few I found on Polyvore that are $50 or under:
1. Button Front Drawstring Romper Styles For Less $17
2. Stripe Bandeau Play Suit Top Shop $50
3. Flower Detail Romper Forever 21 $20
4. Ruffle Trimmed Floral Romper Forever 21 $20
5. Soft Striped Romper Forever 21 $20
6. Safari Pocket Romper Arden B $49

Food For Thought

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack posts lately. I've been super busy with studying for final exams. With that said, I have decided to take a hiatus until Friday (6-11-10). See you all then!

In the meantime, I will leave you with some pictures of these lovely sandals my mom got me for my birthday a while back.

shoes: Nordstrom, Naughty Monkey Fruit Loop style in Yellow //nailpolish: China Glaze Peachy Keen $6 SALE and F21 Lavender $3

I also wanted to share with you guys this interesting article on excessive Internet use. It's kind of ironic that I'm posting this on here.

"Excessive Internet use can lead to social isolation, depression and failure at work or school. Some people — particularly those who were isolated to begin with — have forged healthy friendships by meeting kindred souls online. But using the Internet too much can hurt face-to-face relationships. And  psychologists say an increasing number of people are using the Internet so obsessively that they are ruining their marriages and careers. In short, “the more hours people use the Internet, the less time they spend with real human beings,” said Norman Nie, a political scientist at Stanford University who was the principal investigator for the study. Nie asserted that the Internet was creating a broad new wave of social isolation in the United States, raising the specter of an atomized world without human contact or emotion."
--article via candied clouds

I can see where this person is coming from because if you really think about it, technology really does play a big role in our everyday lives. Especially nowadays. However, even though anything is possible, I don't believe that we will ever get to the point of having absolutely no human to human interaction. It's still scary to think about though, because I personally spend a lot of time on the internet for school work as well as social purposes. What is your take on this matter?