Road Trip: Oregon

Earlier this week, a few friends and I packed our bags and headed out to Oregon for the day. My friend B is a huge tourist attraction fanatic-- he loves everything and anything that has to do with travelling and tourist attractions. He even acts like a tourist in our own city.

Prior to our departure, he had mapped out several popular locations in Oregon that he had seen on TV, or had heard of by word of mouth. This was soon to be our itinerary. Our stops included a famous movie set location, a waterfall, and some of the best places to stuff your face. All in all, this road trip was the perfect way to spend the first official day of summer.

{Kalama High School: location of the parking lot scene in Twilight}

{Multnomah Falls}

{Voodoo Doghnut: featured on the popular TV series Man vs Food}
I'm going to make a separate post about this place.

{a ladybug landed on me while we were waiting in line for doughnuts}

{leaving downtown Portland}

{Tillamook Cheese factory}

{ice cream flavors}

{extremely large blocks of cheese travelling down a conveyor belt}


Mary said...

Oh! Sounds like a great trip! Lovely pictures!

Delightful Bitefuls

Orchid Grey said...

that waterfall is amazing!

Cara said...

Sounds lovely lovely lovely!
And I don't care if you've never had a one year anniversary ever in your life before. Because you're so lovely and my dear blogging sista, I think it should be a rule that you have to come up with the most awesome idea of what you WOULD do, if you could. There. I said it. :D


Silver Strands said...

Sounds wonderful. I especially love the ladybug picture :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, your road trip looks so exciting and sweet! Your friend must be incredibly organized. I would fail at making any sort of travel plans. How long did was your road trip?


haute.teapot said...

Oh I love these photos! Thank you for sharing them. :)