Rompers: Not Just For Babies


'Tis the season to flaunt a romper! That's right. These one piece ensembles are no longer just for babies. They are now expected to be one of the hottest trends of Summer 2010, and I've been dying to get my hands on one. Now that I am finally done with finals, my mission is to find the perfect romper. Perfect-- as in, price, quality, and looks. I think my first stop will be Target! I'll be sure to keep you girls updated on my findings.

Here are a few I found on Polyvore that are $50 or under:
1. Button Front Drawstring Romper Styles For Less $17
2. Stripe Bandeau Play Suit Top Shop $50
3. Flower Detail Romper Forever 21 $20
4. Ruffle Trimmed Floral Romper Forever 21 $20
5. Soft Striped Romper Forever 21 $20
6. Safari Pocket Romper Arden B $49


Silver Strands said...

I'm seeing these everywhere now. I think they're really cute, but SHEESH ... going to the bathroom would be a pain!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Rompers are freakin' adorable, and I'm still looking for one (but number 4 is making a serious contest for my consideration!). Good luck on your mission, too!


Lynzy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog<3

I am now following you :) Feel free to do the same!

My favorite is the one with a ruffle at the top! So cute.

Mary said...

I must admit, rompers are totally growing on me! Great choices! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Delightful Bitefuls

Lauraloves. said...

I love rompers! They're so versitile and easy to wear :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way, I love yours and the motive behind it (I'm a very poor student at the moment)


Rianna Bethany said...

I want them all!
Rianna xxxx

Eleanor said...

i love them!! so cute! the Arden B one especially!! :) x

nuha nuha said...

god i love rompers. i dream of ownin erin wassons x rvca here comes the flash romper. but what gets me sometimes is when the romper pants get too tight at the pelvic region sometimes its ok but sometimes its not hmmm what do you think dear should rompers be loose and summery or body of body con a bit...

a kiss from asia

great blog by the way!

Hayley Golightly Style said...

great selection!! I especially love the blue romper!

Cara said...

You are a doll, and I miss your blog comments, and I miss you! Let's become e-pals. Really. It would be fun and great! Enjoy your Monday! <3

Das What She Said said...

I like the flowered one! (But I always like whatever the flowered option is...;)

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Great finds! Particularly that nautical version from TopShop - I may have to purchase! xxSAS

Melissa said...

Oh, fun! I bought a romper from Forever 21 awhile ago, and it has been my most-worn item since the weather became hot. So comfy!