Vampire Weekend

image via WeHeartIt

While at Target last week, I came across several extremely cute dresses, skirts, and rompers. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in any of the things I liked. I had a feeling that was going to happen. I'm going to try and venture out to another Target later this week, and possibly F21. I'll be sure to keep you girls updated on my everlasting quest for the perfect romper.

Here is the list for this week's MUSIC MONDAY:
1. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
2. Horchata- Vampire Weekend
3. Run- Vampire Weekend
4. Baby- Justin Bieber and Ludacris
5. Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha

If you couldn't already tell, one of my new favorite bands is Vampire Weekend. You guys should check out their new CD, "Contra". All of the songs are accessible via YouTube.


Lauraloves. said...

love these images! Vampire Weekend are such a good band, too :)


Anonymous said...

vampire weekend and justin bieber are on your music monday. you are definitely one of my favoritest blogger. :D

Anonymous said...

I have to go on my search for the perfect romper soon, too! And Vampire Weekend is so great! I saw them at Coachella and they were so, so, so fantastic.


Cara said...

Just so you know, love, really LOVE that song by JB. He is my new favorite singer. Not kidding.


Silver Strands said...

Target is my favorite place to find great deals on fabulous dresses ... good luck :)

Eleanor said...

VAMPIRE WEEKEND ARE AMAZING!! love all those songs! :) i just did a music post too :O craziness! that picture is stunning. you have got me addicted to weheartit... cant stop hearting! :)

Victoire said...

I love love LOVE vampire weekend! and i'm obsessed with kesha's songs too - they always make me feel full of energy. who gives a crap what others say :)