VooDoo Doughnut

As I had mentioned in my previous post, a few friends and I drove down to Oregon earlier this week. One of our stops included a place called VooDoo Doughnut, that was featured on a show called Man vs Food (enthusiastically explained to me by my friend B). I kept on wanting to call it "VooDoo Doughnuts", with an "s" for some reason. B (my tourist-y friend), was beyond excited about this place. We even spent a good half hour driving around downtown Portland on empty stomachs looking for it. Although we managed to snag a parking spot directly in front of the bakery, nothing could suppress the extremely unexpected long line that curved around the block. In the end, it was worth the wait. B got their famous bacon maple bar, his sister chose an M&M covered vanilla cake style donut, and I decided on a custard filled raised one. B and his friend N also both got a dozen assorted ones to take home.


Eleanor said...

oh wow. that looks amazing! :)

Lisa Griffin said...

I love cooking/finding new food shows! Diners Drive ins and Dives, so addictive! This place looks awesome!!!!

Chef Dennis said...

that looks like doughnut heaven!!

Lynzy said...

wow wow and wow. That place is somewhere I want to LIVE... wait that might actually be a bad idea (but so delicious)

xo Lynzy

Cara said...

OH MY GOSH. they look horribly awful for you but still SO DELICIOUS.

totally writing back to your email asap, sweetie.


Audrey J. said...

yum yum yum! I really want a piece of a donut!

Anonymous said...

Is that a cereal covered doughnut? I'm done. I'm smitten already.

PS: I LOVE Man vs. Food! The food network makes me so happy. It definitely helps kill time.



Silver Strands said...

Whoa! I'm not a huge donut fan, but I could chow down on some of those!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

all of those donuts look amazing! so yummy! :)

<3chelsea elizabeth

Cat said...

Wow...what a fun bakery! This would be so up my ally as a tourist stop too. Couldn't help but notice that they even have Fruit Loops on some of the doughnuts?!?!? Wild!

Britta said...

Ahhh those donuts look epic! I used to live near a famous donut place in LA, but somehow never got to it. My sister and I love to go on late-night donut runs to this ghetto 24 hour place.