As I put together this post, I am watching Coyote Ugly. I couldn't help but to remember all the times I watched this movie as a kid with my neighbor, and how I thought of Adam Garcia as such a dreamboat. Some other celebrities I had secret crushes on as a tween were Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Erik von Detten, and Taylor Hanson of The Hansons. Those were the days. Who were your celebrity crushes as a kid?

top: Blue Heaven, gifted from a friend //necklace: Urban Outfitters $9.99 SALE //shorts: Old Navy $15 SALE

{Gary says hello}

{cinderella glass slipper mobile}


Lynzy said...


New Giveaway on my blog<3
xo Lynzy

Cara said...

Stinking love your outfit, lady. And that mobile. And that darling tortoise!! You are so pretty. Happy 4th! I have yet to respond to your email; promise to do it soon AND include how I got my button on my page!

Audrey J. said...

When i was a kid or teenager i had crush in almost anything lol, uhm i loved JC CHAZES from nsync haha, and tobey maguire, daniel radcliffe, uff tons... I love your cinderella mobile, your pics are always gorgeous. Hope you can visit me!

Emilie said...

Adorable! Love the necklace!

Beauty H2T said...

GARY! Awwww super cute,I want more pics :0


iloveyouvalentine said...

IN LOVE with the outfit! I really want that shirt. Haha.

Mm...and as far as celebrity crushes go? Mine were Jonathan Taylor Thomas (same as yours!), Leonardo Dicaprio (Ohhh Titanic) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.