Well, That Was Easy

I have never had a "plan of attack" when it came to approaching sales. This weekend, Nordstrom will be holding their annual Anniversary Sale --a gigantic sale where almost everything in the store gets reduced temporarily. To prevent making unnecessary purchases as I have done in the past years, I'm going to attempt to make a list of the things I plan on buying...a very vague list of course.

P.s, Who watched the finale of The Hills?!


Beauty H2T said...

I so want to see the finale, you will have to tell me if it is any good! I have now got a few Jemma Kidd bits and pieces and so far I am really impressed, I actually got a lipgloss to put into my upcoming giveaway so keep your eyes peeled :)

Good luck at the sale, can't wait to see what you get


Kinsey Michaels said...

Good luck at the Nordy's sale! And the finale actually kind of disappointed me. It had a few shock factors but you can tell a lot of it was contrived/kind of put together by the producers. I'm excited to see what they all do next!