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For those of you who will be new to a college campus this Fall, I thought you would enjoy this article from Lo Bosworth's blog, The Lo Down. It's filled with tips on how to make the best of your time in college when it comes to boys and having fun. Enjoy!

"Going to College?: How to Navigate the New Guys

Congratulations! You’re off to school. It will truly be the time of your life, and that’s a guarantee. So much to think about: your dorm, your new roommate, a whole bunch of classes and a new schedule. And…BOYS! Let’s chat about them for a sec.

The day you arrive, they’ll swarm. Be ready, it’s very exciting. There is a way to navigate them all without losing your head or becoming a living legend (you don’t really want that, swear).

Some Tips:
◦It may be tempting to make out with the president of the coolest fraternity, but that’s what he expects of freshmen. If you like him, show him that you’re serious rather than slobbering all over him in the common room at 1 am.

◦While some seniors are living up their last year, they are possibly the most ready to make a commitment. I dated a senior as a freshman, and we lasted for 2 solid years.

◦Be cautious of new best friends and guys, too. Everything may not always be as it seems (I learned this the hard way. One of my roommates in college was craaazy).

Tips For a Great Night Out:
◦Don’t get stuck at a frat by yourself late at night. That’s bad.

◦Charge your phone before you go out.

◦Create a buddy system of some sort (I know this sounds like Girl Scouts, but it will help keep you safe).

◦Let your roommate or someone on your floor (your R.A. perhaps?) where you are headed for the night.

◦Have fun, and don’t drink toooo much of the good stuff."


Silver Strands said...

passing this on to my girls ...

Romance Is Boring said...

This is hilarious :) I'm off to Uni next year and can't wait :)


V. said...

you have a nice blog!
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Michelle said...

yep :) from scratch. but thanks for filling me in on the headbands! i thought F21 may have some good deals.

Abby said...

Great tips, even though I've been to college for one year now. Boys didn't swarm around me, though. Actually, there were a few which came on as REALLY creepy.

Chloe said...

Fabulous "off-to-college" post! Definately telling my gal-pals about this post here!

chloe **

KristiMcMurry said...

aww...i wish I was back in college :(

fashion junkie said...

Gotta love Brittany Murphy. RIP.
lovely post.