Splurge 'n Save

image via WeHeartIt

Want to know how you can save money while still keeping up with this season's trends? Look no further! Here are 3 tips:

1. Organize your closet so you know what you need, and what you already have. Try your best not to purchase unnecessary items. Stick to the plan!

2.  Ask yourself the "cost-per-wear" question: "What is the item's price divided by the number of times I plan on wearing it?" A good price per wear is $5. Any more than $7 is not worth it. Unless of course...the item is a prom/wedding dress!

3. 70/30 rule: at least 70% of your closet should consist of classic pieces you can wear all the time, while no more than 30% should be left for trendy items. Trendy items should never be splurged on, since they got out of style so quickly.

All tips inspired by People's Style Watch Magazine.


Curves ahead makeup said...

great tips !!!

Jasmine Iris said...

thank you for the amazing tips! i am sadly an impulse buyer but i am getting better.

Also you won the nail polish!


Kara said...

It's a great reminder for all of us who are under the spell of wanting to buy new fall wardrobes after looking at all the september issues! I've never heard of #3 before, but it makes great sense!