Fall Favorites and Some Advice

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To me, Autumn is the the epitome of new beginnings. Whether you are starting a new school year, returning to work from summer vacation, or just living life, everyone is gifted with a new start with the arrival of this season. There are so many things I love about Fall 2010. I figured it would be mundane to list every single thing. So to be more practical, here are my top 10:
  1. crew neck sweatshirts
  2. cognac boots
  3. statement rings
  4. red, grey, and dark blue nail polish
  5. braids
  6. Taylor Swift's new CD, 'Speak Now'
  7. Lauren Conrad's style book
  8. fireplaces
  9. how the leaves change colors
  10. anything that is pumpkin spice (candles, lattes)
On another note, earlier tonight, my roommate and I had the most stimulating conversation. It was mostly her giving me advice, but I thought I'd share the main points with all of you anyway. I gained a new perspective on something I was feeling a little under the weather about. Perhaps her words will hinder your viewpoints as they did mine:
  • Even though some guys may seem to prefer outgoing girls who throw themselves at people while wearing as little clothing as possible, to the smart, unique, and charming girl with morals, it is the latter that they prefer to be with in the end.
  • Stop looking for love, and it will come to you. Focus on other things like work or school, and eventually, love will happen.
  • Media has distorted the views of romance to the point of no return. Realistically thinking, it is highly unlikely that you will meet your future significant other at the grocery store. Even though it may be possible, bumping in to a cute guy with your shopping cart isn't going to make him your soul mate.
  • Live your life just for you while you are young. Nowadays, it is more common to settle down later in life. Don't start freaking out about ending up alone until all your friends are in mom jeans.
  • Who needs a guy when you've got great friends?
  • In order to love someone else, you have to first love yourself.
  • Don't change for anyone. Regardless of what anyone thinks, you are all that...and a bag of chips. The person you end up with in the end will love every bit of you, flaws and all.

"I'm not trying to save the world right now. I'm just trying to save myself." -My Roommate

A Little Inspiration

Hey Everyone!
I'm back from being MIA! It has been crazy busy for me lately with tests and being sick! Bleh.. On a brighter note, I was enlightened by all your guys' caring and genuine comments. Thank you for that! As always, I promise to write back later this week.

In the mean time, enjoy some inspiration from smile--quotes:

"Safety pins holding up the things that make you mine. About your hair, you needn't care. You look beautiful all the time."

Sweet Disposition


This week's list for MUSIC MONDAY:
1. 'Speak Now' Taylor Swift (her new album was released today!)
2. 'Suspension' MAE
3. 'You Don't Know Me' Ben Folds
4. 'Sweet Disposition' The Temper Trap
5. 'The Way I Am' Ingrid Michaelson

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Last night, my best friend E and I carved pumpkins. I look forward to this activity every year, and it's a tradition of our's to do it together. I usually have a design picked out in mind, but this year has been hectic. Luckily, E printed out a few stencils before she left school, and had an extra one for me. :) My pumpkin is on the left of each picture below.

Do any of you lovely bloggers patake in the annual pumpkin carving craze? What design did you choose this year?

Army Green

While on a mission to branch out from the typical cardigan, I found this adorable military inspired jacket. It couldn't be any more perfect for fall, with it's adjustable sleeves, and ability to layer. I am most excited to wear it with a striped shirt and/or a simple scarf.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

military jacket: Urban Outfitters $30

Don't Get Mad, Get Plaid

plaid top: BDG (Urban Outfitters) $20 SALE // burn out tee: Threads For Thought (Nordstrom Rack) ~$10 SALE //legging pants: Jalate (Nordstrom Rack) $20 SALE //boots: Star Ling (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2 years ago) $60 //nail polish: Revlon in 'Valentine' $3 SALE

I can't even remember the last time I did an outfit post. It has probably been weeks! Outfit posts are one of my favorite things to do. But unfortunately, they take a lot more time than say, a Music Monday post or a tutorial.

Lately, I have been trying to branch out with my style. For the longest time, my daily outfit consisted of a cute top paired with a cardigan and skinny jeans. I have to admit, that is the description of my outfit for most days, even now. (But I'm working on it!) It's just...cardigans are such a great necessity to have, so easy to just "throw on" as you are rushing out the door to class, work, or wherever your destination is for that day. I am so addicted to them.

I found this plaid top at Urban Outfitters last week during a giant sale they were having. I have never owned anything plaid before, so I am really excited about this.

I hope you are all having a great week. Hang in there, we're almost to Friday! No updates on the "situation" I posted about earlier this week...yet. ;) Thank you again, for the wonderful advice. To no surprise of mine, you ladies are such experts!

Chasing Pavements


This week's list for Music Monday consists of a lot of songs from the 90's. I have to give my roommate credit for a majority of this list. She says, "I never update my IPod because I feel like our childhood was the best."

1. 'Dawn Of The Dead' Does It Offend You, Yeah?
2. 'I Don't Want To Wait' Paula Cole (Dawson's Creek theme song!)
3. 'Standing Still' Jewel
4. 'Out Of My Heart' BB Mak
5. 'Teenage Dirtbag' Wheatus
6. 'Hackensack' Fountains of Wayne
7. 'Chasing Pavements' Adele

Thanks to those of you who left me advice on my last post! I will be sure to take all of your words in to consideration. You ladies are such experts. :) I'll be sure to update if anything exciting happens! Fingers crossed.

Mix It Up

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

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Before we go on to the meat and potatoes of this post, I need to ask for your guys' help. There is this really cute guy in one of my classes that I want to talk to. The problem? I don't know how I should go about approaching him. I only see him a few times a week because that class isn't held everyday, so there aren't a lot of opportunities but I'm still determined to strike up a conversation. Remember the days of getting notes from boys that said "Will you got out with me? Check 'yes' or 'no'" on a sheet of notebook paper they tore out of their trapper keeper? It's a shame how life isn't that simple anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

Last week, I made a post about meeting Lauren Conrad and purchasing her Style book. A section that really caught my eye was about mixing different prints. On my way to work yesterday, I passed a Free People store. In the window, they had a mannequin with a dark green, plaid button-up, and underneath was a black floral top. This is a combination I would have never thought of, but serves as a perfect example for this concept. Lauren says that when mixing patterns, you should keep the following tips in mind:

-The two patterns need to be of a similar color scheme, have one color in common, or one of the prints needs to be dominant in black, white, gray, or cream (a shade that can match anything).

-The patterns need to be of a variety. Avoid mixing a striped shirt with a striped skirt if the stripes on both articles of clothing are the same size. Mix it up by pairing little stripes with gigantic stripes.

-Be sure to neutralize your outfit with a plain cardigan, belt, or tights. She says, don't go overboard with having an entire outfit full of different prints. You should limit yourself to a top and bottom.

Now playing: 'Back To December' Taylor Swift

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

Smart, Pretty, and (less) Awkward


If you're looking for a new blog to check out, you should take a look at Smart Pretty and Awkward. It's run by a girl named Molly Ford, who finds a thrill in sharing her thoughts on life, and her journey to being smarter, prettier, and a little less awkward. Warning: her posts can get a little addicting.

“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.” -Sophia Loren

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P.s, This will probably be my last post until Thursday or Friday. I have another test coming up that I need to study for. Also, I apologize for a lack of interaction lately. I promise to comment everyone back when things slow down later this week! :)

I Know You Will


I don't know why I never asked this question before...but, does anyone have recommendations for new music? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

This week's list for MUSIC MONDAY:
1. 'I Know You Will' Rachel Cantu
2. 'Saturday' Tegan Quin and Rachel Cantu (I forgot how much I loved this song!)
3. 'Manifest Destiny' Guster (explicit)
4. 'Burning Bridges' Jessie James
5. 'Just Want You To Know' Backstreet Boys (oldie but goodie :))

"It's not that I didn't care- It's that I didn't know.
It's not what I didn't feel, It's what I didn't show."
--'Misery' Maroon 5

Perfect 10

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"Happy 10-10-10 to all the Perfect Tens." -My Roommate

Inspirational People


Today has been a life-changing day for me. Why, you ask? I got to meet Lauren Conrad. Although I choked up, and almost cried, I managed to tell her about my blog and about how big of an inspiration she is to me. Especially when it comes to hair and working to make your dreams come true. As I had expected, she is an incredibly gorgeous person, inside and out. I hope you all get to meet someone that really inspires you someday, if you haven't already.

Much Love,
SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

'Starry Night' Nail Tutorial

van gough starry nights
image via WeHeartIt

Many people know of Vincent Van Gogh's painting, Starry Night. To alleviate my boredom today, I decided to re-create this painting...on my nails!

What you will need:
-The following nail polish colors: navy, light blue, and gold glitter. Of course, any brand /replica of what I have will work. :)
-A tiny chunk of a sponge. I got mine by cutting off a chunk of our dish washing sponge (sorry, roommate!)

1. Paint each nail with your navy polish.
2. After the navy polish has dried, take the sponge and apply a coat of light blue polish on to one side of it.
3. Stamp the polish on to desired nail(s) to create a speckled look.
4. After the coat of light blue polish has dried, apply the gold glitter polish. The gold glitter top coat is intended to smear the light blue polish to create a blended, streaky effect.

For all you Justin Bieber fans, Nicole by OPI will be coming out with a collection of JB inspired nail polish. There are no signs of swatches yet, but they should be hitting the cyber world soon! Supposedly, only Target and Wal-Mart will be carrying them first. But don't fret if you don't live by either of those stores, because the collection is expected to take over other locations shortly after. Google "Justin Bieber nail polish" for more details on color names, release dates, etc.

vincent van gough starry nights nail tutorial, only gold for me by sephora by opi, sponging nail art technique

vincent van gough starry nights nail tutorial, only gold for me by sephora by opi, sponging nail art technique
left to right: L.A. Girl Flare 'Navy' F21 $3 (wear a base coat with this brand. it tends to stain.) //gold glitter: Sephora by OPI  'Only Gold For Me' $9 //China Glaze 'For Audrey' $6 SALE

Elle Magazine: "What do you do for a living?"
Gabourey Sidibe: "I am awesome... for a living."

Jewelry Organization


Jewelry organization has never really been an interest of mine. I usually have a plastic box that I throw everything into. Over the years, I've come to realize that storing my necklaces that way isn't the best idea (everything always gets tangled to the point of no return), but have never really made the effort to change things.  Here at school, I have my most frequently worn necklaces on a hanger I keep in my closet. Sad, I know.

My roommate on the other hand, has a handy little box she bought from Storables for $3.95+tax. She doesn't really wear necklaces, so this box works out perfectly when it comes to storing her accessories. A lot of people have asked me about good ways to store jewelry. Just thought I'd throw a few ideas out there. :) Hope this helps!

headband: Anthropologie //jewelry: F21 and Nordstrom B.P. //box: Storables $3.95+tax

grapefruit colored gem necklace: Nordstrom B.P. ~$14 //fish pendant necklace: Nordstrom B.P. $12 //faux turqoise necklace: Urban Outfitters $30 //silver magnetic beads necklace: Urban Outfitters $9.99 SALE

Also, a while back, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere made a post about re-doing her bathroom and how she found a creative and organized way to display her necklaces. Check it out here. Urban Outfitters also has a really interesting selection of jewelry storage items. They can be a little pricey, though.


I thought you would all enjoy this. It's a website that takes random words from your blog and mushes them in to an abstract collage. If you keep hitting the refresh button, the style changes. :)

Decorating Your College Bathroom


After making the transition from the dorms to an apartment, the one thing I was most excited about was getting to decorate my own place. I am a big fan of saving money on necessities for the home, especially when I know that I will be in the place I am renting for 1 year or less. However, there ARE those things worth splurging on if you have plans to live on your own for a while (see #8 below). Some of my favorite places to shop are Target, Goodwill, Wal-Mart and Ross.

For my bathroom this year, everything is from Target and Ross. I decided to make the accent color lime green, not only because it is one of my favorite colors, but it will be a great way to boost my mood for those gray-skied mornings.

Summary/extra tips:
1. Use a bright color palette to maintain a youthful energy.
2. When things are looking dull, seek a festive rug.
3. If you are only planning on using your decor for a short period of time, like a year, opt for cheaper things.
4. Thrift stores are a good place to look for shelves. Wooden ones can be easily re-painted if necessary.
5. Late summer is the perfect time to get things like soap dispensers and towels because like Target, many stores will be having their back-to-school/college sales.
6. Store a bottle of Febreze or pop open a diffuser to keep things smelling nice.
7. To save money, buy a soap dispenser and a family size jug of hand soap (I use Dial). Although it may not be as fancy as Bath and Body Works soap, it will be much cheaper than spending $5 on a new bottle every few weeks.
8. There are things you should splurge on, and things you should save on. Splurge on: a love seat sofa if you are not planning on having wild parties (if you are, get one you don't mind people spilling on), a TV stand, and a coffee table. These are things you will always need. The rest, you can always buy cheap-o versions of. That list includes: a shower curtain, desk (especially if you are not planning on staying in school forever), rugs and mats (these get dirty and old quickly), towels, silverware, pots and pans, and dishes (you want a good set of these that will last a while, but unless you are a home-owner, having an extremely nice set of china is unneccesary).

Roses and Butterflies

image via WeHeartIt

I'm on a break before my next class starts so I have to make this quick. I hope you are all having a lovely Monday! I am thoroughly enjoying the fall inspiration that lingers in everyone's posts. :)

This week's list for MUSIC MONDAY:
1. 'Roses and Butterflies' Making April (this song brings back so many high school memories!)
2. 'What Part of Forever' Cee Lo Green
3. 'Big Yellow Taxi' Counting Crows
4. 'Colorblind' Counting Crows
5. 'Johnny and June' Heidi Newfield


Hair Over Heels

image via Uh Huh Hair (linked below)

While looking through pictures at Uh Huh Hair and The Pony Tales, I developed a strange urge to change my hairstyle. Or at least, do more with it without making a big change because I am definitely not ready to commit to something drastic. I then started to brainstorm several ways as to how I could go about doing this. Here is what I came up with:

1. Change your part: If your part is typically on the right, try one that is on the left, or middle.
2. Bangs: Another great alternative is to get side swept, or straight across bangs. If you end up not liking them, you can always pin them up with a bobby pin until your hair grows out, or wear a head band. Some stores also sell clip-in bangs.
3. Color: highlights are always a good option. Just be sure to consult with a stylist or be certain that the dye you purchase will result in a color you are comfortable with.
4. Texture: If your hair is normally straight, wear it wavy by wearing loose french braids overnight. If your hair is naturally curly, try straightening it. Be sure to use a heat tamer with all heated tools. Nexus makes a good one.
5. Style and Accessorize: If you normally wear your hair down, experiment with different styles and accessories. A few of my favorites are the side braid, adding a fancy clip, or the milk maid braid. Tutorials for any of these can be found by simply typing the name in to YouTube.
6. Cut: If your hair is all one length, try getting a few simple layers that frame your face and add volume.

images via The Pony Tales (linked above)

I'm Back!

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Hey Everyone!
I apologize for being gone for SO long! I recently moved in to my new place, and we just now got internet. Be expecting new posts, very soon. :)

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to Fall. I am looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs!