Chasing Pavements


This week's list for Music Monday consists of a lot of songs from the 90's. I have to give my roommate credit for a majority of this list. She says, "I never update my IPod because I feel like our childhood was the best."

1. 'Dawn Of The Dead' Does It Offend You, Yeah?
2. 'I Don't Want To Wait' Paula Cole (Dawson's Creek theme song!)
3. 'Standing Still' Jewel
4. 'Out Of My Heart' BB Mak
5. 'Teenage Dirtbag' Wheatus
6. 'Hackensack' Fountains of Wayne
7. 'Chasing Pavements' Adele

Thanks to those of you who left me advice on my last post! I will be sure to take all of your words in to consideration. You ladies are such experts. :) I'll be sure to update if anything exciting happens! Fingers crossed.


Regan said...

Thanks for the music ideas!! xoxo

Justine said...

*fingers crossed* just for you! :)

Just Better Together

Eleanor said...

fingers crossed- i needed the advice myself! :) also, i found a really good site for new music - u might find new things there... i did! :)

Mugdha said...

All these songs remind me of middle school! So much nostalgia haha.

Nikki said...

I am totally still living in the 90's. Memories and music go hand in hand for me!

Alyssa said...

love Adele!