Decorating Your College Bathroom


After making the transition from the dorms to an apartment, the one thing I was most excited about was getting to decorate my own place. I am a big fan of saving money on necessities for the home, especially when I know that I will be in the place I am renting for 1 year or less. However, there ARE those things worth splurging on if you have plans to live on your own for a while (see #8 below). Some of my favorite places to shop are Target, Goodwill, Wal-Mart and Ross.

For my bathroom this year, everything is from Target and Ross. I decided to make the accent color lime green, not only because it is one of my favorite colors, but it will be a great way to boost my mood for those gray-skied mornings.

Summary/extra tips:
1. Use a bright color palette to maintain a youthful energy.
2. When things are looking dull, seek a festive rug.
3. If you are only planning on using your decor for a short period of time, like a year, opt for cheaper things.
4. Thrift stores are a good place to look for shelves. Wooden ones can be easily re-painted if necessary.
5. Late summer is the perfect time to get things like soap dispensers and towels because like Target, many stores will be having their back-to-school/college sales.
6. Store a bottle of Febreze or pop open a diffuser to keep things smelling nice.
7. To save money, buy a soap dispenser and a family size jug of hand soap (I use Dial). Although it may not be as fancy as Bath and Body Works soap, it will be much cheaper than spending $5 on a new bottle every few weeks.
8. There are things you should splurge on, and things you should save on. Splurge on: a love seat sofa if you are not planning on having wild parties (if you are, get one you don't mind people spilling on), a TV stand, and a coffee table. These are things you will always need. The rest, you can always buy cheap-o versions of. That list includes: a shower curtain, desk (especially if you are not planning on staying in school forever), rugs and mats (these get dirty and old quickly), towels, silverware, pots and pans, and dishes (you want a good set of these that will last a while, but unless you are a home-owner, having an extremely nice set of china is unneccesary).


Barbara said...

this tips are great :) i like the lime towel, such nice color!!!

Regan said...

I just redid my bathroom too! haha. :)

Meghan said...

great ideas! When I was in University and lived in residence, I just lived in a small room and we had a communal bathroom! There were 4 sinks, 3 bathroom stalls, a bathtub, and 3 showers!

Justine said...

Great tips! I love the lime green accent. This year I bought dishes etc from Ross. $9 for a 16 piece set! (no utensils included)

Just Better Together

Kinsey Michaels said...

i love your bathroom! it's so funky with the shower curtain and animal patterned rug. i will have to share your tips with my sister, who just started college a month ago and has an apartment-style dorm.

this free bird said...

I love your zebra rug and shower curtain. You gave some awesome tips!!

Target and Home Goods are two of my most fave spots to find great deals on good stuff!


~k said...

I have lime green towels too! I love glass jars and dishes to hold things and I have old glass perfume bottles that are really cute! Great tips!

Nikki said...

Awesome shower curtain! I wish I had gone extra girly in college with my decor. Like ruffled shower curtain and everything white. My Husband won't go for it now, and he's too dirty I go through like a gallon of bleach a week. Okay not really.

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