Fall Favorites and Some Advice

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To me, Autumn is the the epitome of new beginnings. Whether you are starting a new school year, returning to work from summer vacation, or just living life, everyone is gifted with a new start with the arrival of this season. There are so many things I love about Fall 2010. I figured it would be mundane to list every single thing. So to be more practical, here are my top 10:
  1. crew neck sweatshirts
  2. cognac boots
  3. statement rings
  4. red, grey, and dark blue nail polish
  5. braids
  6. Taylor Swift's new CD, 'Speak Now'
  7. Lauren Conrad's style book
  8. fireplaces
  9. how the leaves change colors
  10. anything that is pumpkin spice (candles, lattes)
On another note, earlier tonight, my roommate and I had the most stimulating conversation. It was mostly her giving me advice, but I thought I'd share the main points with all of you anyway. I gained a new perspective on something I was feeling a little under the weather about. Perhaps her words will hinder your viewpoints as they did mine:
  • Even though some guys may seem to prefer outgoing girls who throw themselves at people while wearing as little clothing as possible, to the smart, unique, and charming girl with morals, it is the latter that they prefer to be with in the end.
  • Stop looking for love, and it will come to you. Focus on other things like work or school, and eventually, love will happen.
  • Media has distorted the views of romance to the point of no return. Realistically thinking, it is highly unlikely that you will meet your future significant other at the grocery store. Even though it may be possible, bumping in to a cute guy with your shopping cart isn't going to make him your soul mate.
  • Live your life just for you while you are young. Nowadays, it is more common to settle down later in life. Don't start freaking out about ending up alone until all your friends are in mom jeans.
  • Who needs a guy when you've got great friends?
  • In order to love someone else, you have to first love yourself.
  • Don't change for anyone. Regardless of what anyone thinks, you are all that...and a bag of chips. The person you end up with in the end will love every bit of you, flaws and all.

"I'm not trying to save the world right now. I'm just trying to save myself." -My Roommate


Anonymous said...

What a fun blog you have! Oh, I want a pair of cognac boots so bad... and Taylor's new CD! xo

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

waow.. great.. i realized something too.. thanks for sharing.. ;)

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

waow.. great.. i realized something too.. thanks for sharing.. ;)

christel said...

lauren conrad is great.

cute blog, i follow.


Justine said...

Thanks for sharing! I actually had a VERY similar conversation with a nurse at a hospital I volunteer for.

Just Better Together

Mugdha said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the comment! Also, those cognac boots look awesome! I've been trying to find a pair I like for a while now, but it's tougher than it looks.

Kinsey Michaels said...

lovely fall finds! the octopus ring is AWESOME!
great advice too. a girl a guy wants to have a good time with, vs a girl a guy plans to marry, are two very different girls, in most cases!
hope you're having a happy halloween and thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Anonymous said...

Great advice!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Such lovely, lovely quotes. And above, such lovely, lovely cupcakes! Mind and mouth stimulation.

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

All of this is so true!
Also, I am super excited about the leaves changing colors!

Anonymous said...

Lovee the cognac boots. And I don't think anyone can go wrong with Taylor Swift, haha ;) But I love Autumn, too. I can't wait to start wearing coats, again - and Autumn means Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is family time (+ lots of food). I'm super excited, too.

And your roommate sounds like such a sweetheart. She gave some really good advice.

- Sharon

ShopGirlXOXO said...

Your roommate is awesome and her words are wisdom are right on point. I needed to hear them right about now.