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Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

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Before we go on to the meat and potatoes of this post, I need to ask for your guys' help. There is this really cute guy in one of my classes that I want to talk to. The problem? I don't know how I should go about approaching him. I only see him a few times a week because that class isn't held everyday, so there aren't a lot of opportunities but I'm still determined to strike up a conversation. Remember the days of getting notes from boys that said "Will you got out with me? Check 'yes' or 'no'" on a sheet of notebook paper they tore out of their trapper keeper? It's a shame how life isn't that simple anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

Last week, I made a post about meeting Lauren Conrad and purchasing her Style book. A section that really caught my eye was about mixing different prints. On my way to work yesterday, I passed a Free People store. In the window, they had a mannequin with a dark green, plaid button-up, and underneath was a black floral top. This is a combination I would have never thought of, but serves as a perfect example for this concept. Lauren says that when mixing patterns, you should keep the following tips in mind:

-The two patterns need to be of a similar color scheme, have one color in common, or one of the prints needs to be dominant in black, white, gray, or cream (a shade that can match anything).

-The patterns need to be of a variety. Avoid mixing a striped shirt with a striped skirt if the stripes on both articles of clothing are the same size. Mix it up by pairing little stripes with gigantic stripes.

-Be sure to neutralize your outfit with a plain cardigan, belt, or tights. She says, don't go overboard with having an entire outfit full of different prints. You should limit yourself to a top and bottom.

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Justine said...

Hey! I like this black and white shirt combo with the floral skirt and brown belt! I should get my hands on a copy of that book!

Just Better Together

Justine said...

Try to sit next to him! =] He'll have to notice a sweet girl like you.

Try to complement him on his shirt (even if it isn't that cool).

Ask him if he understood the lecture notes from the previous lecture. And then be like "By the way, I'm ______. Nice to meet you." And then he will HAVE to introduce himself to you.

AND if he is brilliant, exchange numbers with him and form a study group! :)

Good luck with this boy! =]

Just Better Together

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Nice combo!
I always used to be so awkward about talking to guys until I realized...hey, they're just people too, and they all have girls that they have crushes on but they are scared to talk to.
Sit next to him, for a start! Ask to borrow his pen, or what time it is, or what the homework was or whatever to start a conversation. Then you can ask about if he likes the course you're in, or what he's writing a paper on, something like that. Then maybe sit next to him a few more times and talk again, don't be awkward, just treat him like a friend! Then once you know each other you could ask him to go out for coffee, or drop hints about something you want to do, and hopefully he'll get it. Just don't be awkward and everything will go fine. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aww, don't be so nervous about approaching him. Maybe try asking him a question (like about the class, the prof, or the assignments), and try not to expect too much out of it - then you can see what kinda guy he likes without being too nervous about how the conversation's going.

And I loveee how mixing prints looks like. Blair does it so well - the lace + plaid combination sounds lovely and workable.

- Sharon

Emily Jean said...

i love all of your photos, the mixing and matching of fabrics and prints.

goodluck with the boy.... never really was the best in that department!

thanks for visiting my blog :) i hope you come again and follow!


iloveyouvalentine said...

i'm always SO hesitant to mix prints! i see it in magazines all the time and i love fashion but i can never seem to do it for myself!
you've definitely inspired me :)