Roses and Butterflies

image via WeHeartIt

I'm on a break before my next class starts so I have to make this quick. I hope you are all having a lovely Monday! I am thoroughly enjoying the fall inspiration that lingers in everyone's posts. :)

This week's list for MUSIC MONDAY:
1. 'Roses and Butterflies' Making April (this song brings back so many high school memories!)
2. 'What Part of Forever' Cee Lo Green
3. 'Big Yellow Taxi' Counting Crows
4. 'Colorblind' Counting Crows
5. 'Johnny and June' Heidi Newfield



Justine said...

That's such a pretty braid :)

Just Better Together

Brian said...

J'adore "Colorblind"... great pic!

Chef Dennis said...

what beautiful images....I love the soft feel!
Thanks for the kind words on my blog!

Eleanor said...

i love music mondays... you always suggest cool new music that i dont know about!! haha cee lo green is amazing! :) xxxx

Jen said...

That first picture is so pretty!! Happy Fall Dear! xo

Alex said...

I love your braid.. so cute! I need to learn how to do that with my hair! :]

Roses and Butterfiles reminds me of high school soo much, too! And Colorblind is one of my all time favs, I love your music picks!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love fall. And I've stocked up on autumn-ish accessories. I desperately wish my hair were long enough to be braided and adorned w/ real flowers like that though

C said...

I love loooooooove the pics

Kisses !

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Love this braid have to learn how to make braids like that.

Mary Kate Brehm said...

wah that's my photograph with the flowers :(

i really wish you could give me some credit, i've seen my stuff on weheartit before and its upsetting when it doesn't link back to my work