Last night, my best friend E and I carved pumpkins. I look forward to this activity every year, and it's a tradition of our's to do it together. I usually have a design picked out in mind, but this year has been hectic. Luckily, E printed out a few stencils before she left school, and had an extra one for me. :) My pumpkin is on the left of each picture below.

Do any of you lovely bloggers patake in the annual pumpkin carving craze? What design did you choose this year?


Pearls&Politics said...

your schedule must be hectic because i haven't heard from u hardly at all :l
i have had no free time barely either so i totally understand! haha

Audrey J. said...

God! Both designs are very pretty! I've always wanted to do this, maybe next year!

Ayanna Michelle said...

How adorable! I'm in love with the hello kitty pumpkin =)

Quench Fab

Emily Jean said...

i love pumpkin carving! already did it this year--made some goofy faces!

thanks for visiting my blog! i hope you come again and follow :)


Justine said...

WOW! Both of you did a great job on this! I am HORRIBLE at pumpkin carving!

Just Better Together

Mugdha said...

You guys are so talented! Both of the pumpkins look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Those look insanely good! I once tried to carve a pumpkin - it turned out catastrophic. I was just trying to carve the simple pumpkin face (the triangle eyes, the villainous smile.)

- Sherrie

Eleanor said...

aw so cute! i might do this in my house - although my little brother might be a little unimpressed! love the idea! did your friend make the stencils or did you get them online or something? :) xxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

The Owl's Closet said...

Love how ur pumpkins turned out!! I'm planning to do a little carving myself this week;)


style'n said...

I am not good at this at all but now that we have a little one I feel like we should do it for her. So I might have to convince the hubby go get on this. Love the pumpkin pictures here.

Anna Katrina said...

what adorable pumpkins -- i cant wait to carve my own pumpkins :)

stop by sometime<3

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

waa.. love hello kitty..
the pumpkin was so cute..

hei, i have translate my Go Green post for you.. foll back please?


Anonymous said...

Those look SO great!

Margaret said...

oh my god... that is the most epic pumpkin carving i have ever ever seen!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Anonymous said...

I really really LOVE your blog, im so glad i found it! i like the clear crisp pics...in fact i'm not even done checking all your old posts. I'm def following. xoxo

Mr Lonely said...

hehe, i am from Malaysia.. XD

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

These are pretty much the greatest carved pumpkins I've ever seen. LOVE!

Alyssa said...

I'm impressed! I can't carve a pumpkin for the life of me.