Braids and Beauty Tips


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My favorite childhood hairstyle, without a doubt, was the french braid. I couldn't help but to notice the recent come-back of this hairstyle and the impact it has made on the fashion world. Whether it is the crazy Betsey Johnson or the classy Marc Jacobs, you'll be sure to spot a braid or two on this Fall's runway.

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Also, here are some beauty tips I wanted to share with you all:
1. Vaseline makes a great eye and lip makeup remover (don't use this on your face because it will clog your pores)
2. A cheap substitute for dry shampoo is baby powder.
3. Having skin troubles? Try an aspirin and honey mask. I'll make another post about this later. In the meantime, visit this link for details.

One last thing. I think you should all check out this video. It involves a really talented and handsome guy playing my favorite Taylor Swift song on the piano. Need I say more? (Just to clarify, I don't personally know him. Though, I wish I did. haha!)


Andreia said...

Lovely outfit and cute braud!

Mugdha said...

Ah, french braids were my go-to hairstyle too! I always felt uncomfortable wearing my hair up if some part of it wasn't frenched haha

Ayanna Michelle said...

Love the braid in the back! J'adore Marc Jacobs.

Quench Fab

Anonymous said...

I Love french braids! And I've used the honey/aspirin mask before. It works wonders - it basically made my skin glow!
xo Sherrie

Anonymous said...

I lovee the two braids on the side (in the 2nd picture). Unfortunately for me, though, I can't braid to save my life

And I've tried the honey and avocado mask. I love it (except that having avocado smeared on my face isn't the most attractive look)

- Sharon

Miyan said...

i am loving the braid trend again! i've been sporting the fishtail, its so fun and flirty :)


BAB said...

I love braids! Which I was hair talented enough to do them on myself! XO

Michaela said...

Great tips!! And I loved french braids...still do! I taught myself how to french braid when I was 8 after getting my hair done for my aunt's wedding. I watched the stylist in the mirror (:

And wow this piano version is amazing!!

Megan said...

Thanks for the tips and I am loving all these braids. That up-side-down one is awesome. Glad you stopped by my blog and lead me to yours. Maybe we should follow each other...


Shoe Splurge said...

love this braid entry!