Lessons Learned


If you take a look at any of my recent posts, chances are, you will come across at least 3 mentions of 'Back to December' by Taylor Swift. Here is my explanation for why I am so incredibly infatuated with this song:

Have you ever heard a song that you could relate to so well, it gave you chills? Yeah, this song does that for me. It's amazing how music has the ability to take you back to your most cherished memories and cause them to be as lucid as the moment you were living through them. I don't have a desire to re-live the past, but I have a desire to remember the best parts of it. This song gives me an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. I can't help but to be reminded of a particular person and the unforgettable memories they helped me create, every time I listen to it. XO

"The song 'Back to December' is an apology in the form of a song. You know, in life, you learn lessons and sometimes you learn them the hard way. And sometimes you learn them too late. The song 'Back to December' is about a lesson I learned too late, and I think when you do that, and you finally realize that you were wrong, you need to say you're sorry. This was the best way I knew how." -Taylor Swift

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Alexandra Amico said...

I totally love taylow swift <3

Mugdha said...

I love music that I connect with perfectly. And Taylor Swift is always a great listen!

nicoletta said...

I have lots of songs that evoke certain memories some sad but most happy xx

this free bird said...

I like Taylor Swift because she writes from the heart...and if you have a heart she's got something for ya!!


Eleanor said...

i love taylor wift! her songs are so beautiful! and i can relate to almost all of them! her new album is number one on my christmas list! speaking of which... what are you hoping to get? id love to see a post on what you want to get for christmas! x

Anonymous said...

I love Taylor Swift's new album, and I love her Back to December song, too (as well as Enchanted and Dear John).

- Sharon

Stephanie said...

I love Taylor Swift's new album. I can't get enough of Back to December even though I can't completely relate to it. The songs I can relate to the most are Enchanted and Dear John.