Take $50 Off Juicy Couture

I have been a long-time fan of Juicy Couture. Although their prices can be a little absurd, I will admit that they are all about quality. You really get what you pay for. For my 20th birthday, my mom bought me a black terry cloth zip-up. It has been almost two years, and the material/shape of the clothing has maintained it's original quality. Amazing, isn't it? I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but their merchandise really holds up through wear and tear. I have probably worn that zip-up a million times.

image via WeHeartIt

My roommate (who despises this brand) gave me a coupon she got in the mail. It reads: "ENJOY $50 OFF YOUR PURCHASE OF $200 ONLINE." I know that $200 is a LOT of money, but just in case any of you were planning to wow yourself, or anyone else this holiday season, you might as well save $50 while doing it! :)

The offer expires 12/19/10 11:59PM EST on the website and any store in the U.S. The offer is not valid in department or outlet stores, and shipping and handling does not go towards the $200. This cannot be used on sale items, Bird by Juicy Couture, fragrance, and Maclaren (I have no idea what this is!).

The code is "HOLIDAY10" in all caps.


Pearls&Politics said...

good lookin' out girrrrl :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

i unfortunately don't have enough money to splurge on Juicy stuff at the moment, but i can totally vouch for their quality too! i also always make sure to hang dry my hoodies so they maintain their shape and quality!

Mugdha said...

Oh, man! If I had $200 or even $150, I would SO be buying Juciy things left and right! Thanks for sharing!

Justine said...

thanks for sharing! i've been really tempted to get one of their bags, but I think someone like me would ruin the material way too fast :(

Just Better Together

its simple love said...

200 bucks is a lot! BUt $50 off helps. Thanks for the love!


p.s. Be sure to enter in my jewelry giveaway when you get the chance!