City Sneaks

skirt: F21 //t-shirt: Banana Republic //cardigan: Nordstrom B.P. //tights: Old Navy //shoes: Urban Outfitters

My least favorite part about school is the last few weeks of every quarter. Everything gets so hectic and you suddenly have a million things to do. One of my least favorite feelings (I'm sure everyone will agree with me on this) is being stressed. My advice to all of you who are currently dealing with the chaos of finals, a demanding job, or just a busy life: don't forget to take a few moments out of your day to breathe. Inhale, exhale.

A quick word about this outfit: Yesterday, I showed you guys my take on the whole shorts-in-the-Winter trend. This is the same concept, just with a printed skirt and opaque tights. To make the outfit more casual, I decided to throw on a pair of colorful sneakers.


aki! said...

Thanks for the reminder to just breathe. It's so easy to get caught up in so much.

Great, fun outfit too!

Casey said...

Awesome combination- that skirt rocks! :)

the friendliest flower said...

such a cute outfit! i need to buy more tights so i can wear my skirts now that its colder.

Justine said...

I like the look of these gray tights because they're so thick!

Just Better Together

Eleanor said...

i've been missing your outfit posts lately! love the skirt!! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

I love your simple, sweet outfit. The shoes add a pop of color (my sister would love this - colorful shoes are her weakness), and I adore the print on your skirt.

And I am in total agreement about the last few weeks of the quarter - absolute hell. Everything feels rushed and hectic - sometimes I feel like hyperventilating, haha.

I wish you the best of luck on your finals, and don't forget to breathe, either! =)

- Sharon

J'aime Renee said...

Thanks for the reminder! I needed that moment of relaxation. Adorable skirt! I actually went to work in my boyfriend's sneakers by accident today, and the fun kicks have added so much to my boring day.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Eeep! Totally crushing on that skirt. Cutest pattern and colors ever. I totally do listen to Tegan and Sarah! They're pretty awesome. I think we need to have a music conversation now.