1. 'The Girl' City and Colour
  2. 'Daughters' John Mayer
  3. 'You've Got The Love' Florence and the Machine
  4. 'Fireflies' Ron Pope
  5. 'Safe Travels' Peter and the Wolf
  6. 'She Will Be Loved' Maroon 5 <-- an oldie but goodie

This week's list for Music Monday is dedicated to the 3 men who love me most: Gary, Allen, and my dad. :)
Gary, patiently waiting in the sink while we clean his tank.

Allen. He gets really excited when I take pictures of him and especially loves close-ups.

My dad, who I enjoy watching South Park with.


Casey said...

This post was super cute. Gary and Allen are real lookers!!!


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Your pictures are great, and what a sweet mix.

Eleanor said...

GREAT PHOTOS! your new camera is really good! so clear! :)
and, maroon 5 = <3

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I love your pictures! I bet you love your new camera!:) Gary is adorable by the way<3


aki! said...

Aww. I love, love, love your turtle. I used to have one before we had to give it away. How big is it?

Anonymous said...

Your dad has some pretty fantastic looking shoes.

- Sharon