I'm Watching You

These days, white watches are all the rage. I feel like Michael Kors has been out to get me because I've been bombarded by ads of his white 'Runway Ceramic' watch like it's nobody's business. Little does he know, I am a college student who refuses to pay $450... for a watch. Sorry, Michael.

The solution to this madness? Get a replica! Fashion tip #28374: Your closet should be 70% classic and 30% trendy. Never spend a ton on trendy items because they will go out of style faster than you can say "Irish wristwatch" 5x fast. Instead, find knock-offs and replicas to save money.


Casey said...

Interesting! :) I love how you broke it down.. It's so true that trends go in and out!



Mugdha said...

Man, I saw the picture first and then read the price. That $450 price tag totally made my bank account weep a little.

Eleanor said...

i love white watches.. always have for some reason! but i never wear one! i use my phone for the time... stupid when it comes to exams tho because i realise i cant use my phone. im always borrowing my sisters watch then! xxx

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I totally have this watch in the picture! And it was so cheap! LOVE IT!


J'aime Renee said...

You are so right! I have been searching for a watch like this one! If your looking for more tips on how to save money and still have a killer wardrobe check this out!-http://jaimereneestylista.blogspot.com/2010/05/rules-for-shopaholics.html


Brittany said...

Glad you found my blog! I love your outfits we could raid each other's closets :) oh and crazy thing--I bought a orange watch just like this at F21 two years ago and no one really like it. Now they're everywhere and overpriced. Cuu--razy.

aki! said...

I got a menswear watch 3 years ago for ten dollars. Thank goodness I was convinced not to drop 100 bucks on it, because I've never ever worn it.

Good tip.

karmi said...

Yes, I must agree with U ;) by the way this watch is great ;)!

my blog is waiting for your visit ;d

AllyM said...

I love the Micheal Kors gold watch! But Target has a great fake one:) I love your blog. its awesome. in january im starting a fashion thing on my blog. follow me! www.allymullin.blogspot.com

Ayanna Michelle said...

Nice! I'm falling in love with white, honestly. Let's just go and bombard the fab designers. You take Michael, I'll take Chris Baily. Lol. Nice post! (love the skirt in the last post, too).

-Ayanna Michelle
Quench Fab

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I agree completely. Classic items you spend the big bucks for...trendy not so much. i am too loving the white watch look but refuse to pay big$$$$ for it. like your pick.