The Olive Theory


A few weeks ago, I met up with my friend N for our weekly lunch date. We somehow got on the subject of  'The Olive Theory' (something she saw on an episode of How I Met Your Mother). N explained it like this: In the episode, two of the main characters are sitting in a restaurant with a dish of olives in the middle of their table. Person 1 loves olives, while  person 2 supposedly hates them. They are perfectly happy. The underlying meaning implies that the best relationships have perfect balance. Sounds a little like the phrase, "opposites attract", doesn't it?

It is universally known that for every rule, there is an exception. In my psych class, we learned that a majority of successful relationships consist of two people who are a lot alike, rather than very different. Think of it this way: you and your best friend, why are you two such compatible people? Is it because you guys have a lot in common? Exactly my point.

So you're probably wondering what happened to the couple at the end of the episode. Well, the guy eventually admitted to lying all along about his hate for olives. He actually felt the opposite and only said what he did so his girlfriend could enjoy them all. In sum, opposites don't always attract.

Wow, this seemed more like a jabber post than anything else. If you have read this far, I would like to say thanks. I truly appreciate your attention.

One last thing that is a bit off topic: My first college crush is officially engaged. I think it's time to listen to 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift and do some plotting... I kid, I kid.
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Gosh, I can't wait to start posting my own pictures again. The countdown begins: 3 days!


Casey said...

Cute post. I have never seen the episode, so I think your synopsis was pretty good!

Hope you have a great holiday!!!


Eleanor said...

hmm.. i think for a relationship to work, you have to have certain likes and dislikes in common - if your partner agreed with EVERYTHING you liked, it would be terribly boring, but you don't want to be fighting all the time! its a weird mix that works well! great post! OLIVE YOU! happy christmas - i hope you have a great holiday - can't wait to see some outfit posts again! :) maybe a new years one? xxx

Samantha said...

Just heard that song for the first time yesterday, I love it! :o)


AllyM said...

ha haha I LOVE this. I JUST saw your comment on my Taylor Swift post, seriouly I love her. Even though Taylor L is good looking, her new love Jake is where its at! ha. Anyways, thanks so much for commenting because your one of my favorite bloggers so I freak out a little bit when you comment on my blog!

I hope your having a MERRY CHRISTAS!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love HIMYM - and all their theories. The olive theory, to me, though, sounds really cute. I believe that opposites attract, but at the same time, if two people have a lot in common, that's a good sign, too, isn't it? Haha.

And I also assign theme music to moments in my life, too, lol. Kinda makes me wish a soundtrack would play in the background of my life.

- Sharon

Alisa said...

I JUST saw your comment on my Taylor Swift post, seriouly I love her.

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