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To be honest, when the menswear trend first reached the peak of its popularity this year, I wasn't the biggest fan of it. That is, until I realized it was possible to embrace oxfords, blazers, and slouchy tees without feeling extremely masculine. Here are some tips and tricks that helped sway my initial opinion:
  • Focus on pieces that are form-fitting and flattering to your body
  • Add girly accents: lipstick, polished nails, a smokey eye, pumps, lace undershirts, and sequins!
  • Style your hair in a classic ballerina bun, curls, or make it sleek straight
  • Choose a menswear piece with a pretty print (ex: floral oxfords)
  • Incorporate one piece at a time
To see an example of someone who embraces this trend like a pro, check out Karla's Closet.

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AmyW said...

Great tips on working with this trend! I just got nude platform oxford booties - the perfect balance of girly, sexy and menswear!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, my sister Sharon LOVES menswear shoes. So when she see this post, she'll go nuts. I agree w/ you - pieces should be form-fitting and flattering, even menswear.

xo Sherrie

Laurita P said...

nice tips, i love the trend too

minkandcappuccino said...

love the oxfords so much
you inspired me to dress up kind of like manly for tomorrow's outfit :)
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aki! said...

I love this trend so much! I've always like suits, so I guess this isn't too far a step in the same direction.

Thanks for finding someone who rocks the style.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Eeep! Firstly, congrats with finishing off finals! That's so exciting, even if it does mean you're closer to graduating (which is exciting-and scary-too!).

I'm totally, totally in love with that picture you posted. Which begs the question; why can't I rock an oversize button-up and high waisted jeans quite like that? Probably because I'm only 5'5 and not a stick, but your tips gave me hope! Especially loving the part about girly accents.

Thanks for the sweet comments about moving! I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but you (and everyone else) certainly made me feel much much better about the whole thing! Oh, and indie music is awesome. Plus, even when it's awful, I feel super hip listening to it. Sad, but true.

Style_Pursuit said...

Great choices and a really inspirational post! :o)


Tess S. said...

I love everything about the menswear trend. I think it is soooooooo refreshing especially after a long period of too tight tops and too short skirts..

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