Procrastinators, Unite

I decided last night that my plans for New Years were going to consist of celebrating with my two best friends, who happen to be brother and sister. We're going to the house of one of their family friends to celebrate with good food and even better people! :)

For the fellow procrastinators who haven't found the outfit they will ring in the new year with, I have put together three 'inspiration outfits' that should cater to any type of party you plan on going to. I'll probably end up wearing something similar to Outfit #2, since our party will be pretty laid-back. Have fun, and stay safe!

Outfit #1
1. American Eagle Women's Sweetheart Party Dress (Black) $50
2. Top Shop Leopard Pattern Flock Tulle Tights $18
3. F21 Dressy Shoes $23 SALE
4. F21 Golden Glimmer Pink Nail polish $2.80

Outfit #2
1. American Eagle Women's Dolman Sweater $45
2. American Eagle Women's Skinny Jean $40 SALE
3. F21 Perforated Leatherette Oxfords $23
4. F21 Black Beauty Nail polish $2.80
5. F21 Sequin Headband $2.50

Outfit #3
1. H&M Dark Sparkle Dress
2. AE Women's Solid Tights $13
3. F21 Dressy Shoes $27
4. F21 Sparkling Currant Nail Polish $2.80

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Alyssa May Edwards said...

oooo I love all these outfits! It would be hard for me to choose one! But I adore the nail polish colors you picked. Especially the pink one♥


Eleanor said...

oh gosh you are so lucky!! :)
i have no idea what my plans are-let alone what im wearing!!
i love the third look - and that coral nailvarnish in the first on is gorgeous!! xxx

AmyW said...

I wore the AE Sweetheart dress in burgundy for Christmas, love how you styled in for New Years though! and I love all the AE in these outfits - I worked there for 4 years, its a pretty huge portion of my wardrobe!

Happy New Year!

KcomeKarolina said...

#1 and #2 (but i would change the shoes)

hope your holidays were FAB! thank you for your sweet comment! you can reach me also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)so cu soon! and have amazing new year's eve!!!

xoxo from rome

Casey said...

Outfit #2 definitely seems appropriate considering the occasion!!!

Have a fantastic time, and Happy New Year!!!


the friendliest flower said...

that sparkly dress in the third outfit is amazing, i wish i had plans so i could wear that out, however i'll probably just stay home in my sweats haha

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

the casual cool one is totally inspiring me for work next week!! thanks :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

i love all of these!!! your taste in style is so spot on. the 3rd one is especially glam, but #1 seems like a perfect complement of #2 and #3.
happy new year girlie!

jadore said...

Im loving that glittery dress!! So gorgeous!

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

I wanted to tell you that I featured your snake braid over at my blog:

I didn't use your pictures because of your notice on your blog, but I'm asking now. So, if I can use one of your snake braid pictures just leave a short little comment on my blog! Thanks and Happy New Year!


Justine said...

I love these outfit pieces. I totally wish I had some where to dress up to.

Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

aki! said...

I have to say that I'm really digging the third one. I'm a huge supporter of glitter and the new year. My nail polish color is even similar to the one you choose.