A Shorts Story

jean shorts: Old Navy //leggings: Jalate via Nordstrom Rack //cardigan: Rubbish via Nordstrom //t-shirt: Banana Republic //scarf: Roommate's closet //belt: F21 //nail polish: Barry M in 'Dusky Mauve' via BeautyH2T giveaway

The idea of sporting shorts in the Winter may sound a little absurd at first. But if you really think about it, this trend has got potential. To transform this Summer staple in to Winter wear, all you need are a pair of leggings or tights, a cardigan, and your favorite scarf. Pair these items with a good pair of shorts and you'll be the most stylish one this chilly season.


Miranda said...

I love this look, I'm still searching for the perfect denim shorts.

Well done!


Mugdha said...

I've started doing this more too and also with denim skirts! I just have too many summery clothes and not enough wintery stuff to not wear it!

Justine said...

I totally agree!
I feel funny when I try to wear this type of outfit.

Just Better Together

Alex said...

Such a cute outfit! I'm hoping I can work up the courage to wear shorts with tights, I have so many warm weather clothes because that's usually all you need in Arizona! You definitely make me want to give it a shot :]


Casey said...

Love the pairing here! You are certainly ready for the winter!!! :)

We are in the 70's here in Florida, so we're ecstatic!!!



Alyssa May Edwards said...

I need to try this look! Its adorable♥


Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful outfit! i think i'll try it out tomorrow :) i hope you drop by my blog because i'm hosting a wonderful giveaway this week!