You've Got A Friend

Yesterday, my roommate/best friend R and I exchanged Christmas presents. We were unable to see each other before the holiday, so two days after was a good of time as any.

I'll save you time and boredom by skipping to the good part. R got me a scarf similar to the one I always borrow from her, a gift card to my favorite store, and... her autographed copy of Sarah Dessen's 'The Truth About Forever' from 2004. I had asked her a while ago if I could borrow it, and she said that she would lend it to me when she got the chance to dig it out of her closet. When I pulled it out of the candy-cane striped gift bag she put all of my gifts in, I was couldn't help but to feel a sense of shock.

There is something you should know. Sarah Dessen for my roommate, is like Taylor Swift for me. R had told me a few months ago about the moment she met SD. She said she was speechless, a common reaction people get from meeting their idols.

plaid shirt: BDG via Urban Outfitters //army shirt: Staring At Stars via UO //scarf: gift from R //leggings: Jalate via Nordstrom Rack //boots: Steven by Steve Madden //nail polish: Revlon's 'Valentine', 'Red' via F21, 'Only Gold For Me' via Sephora

I knew I couldn't accept this gift, so naturally, I tried to give it back. R explained to me that she didn't need to have the book physically to remember the sentimental value of meeting her favorite author. She said she wanted to gift me with the book because she knew that I would enjoy it as much as she did.

It is moments like these, that you want to give someone the world. When you find a great friend, my advice to you is to hang on to them no matter what happens. For me, R is one of those great friends.


AllyM said...

LOVE your boots! I have the same ones!! Good friends are hard to find, seems like you have one of the bests!

Chloe said...

Sara Dessen is an ahhmazing writer - she's def. a woman who has fueled and inspired my drive to be a writer! Your friendship is awesome; friends like that are so great!

LOVE that scarf! Color=perfect for this winter. ;))

chloe **
**GIVEAWAY time! :))

aki! said...

I love the scarf. I wish I wouldn't look ridiculous wearing one in seventy degree weather.

My red ear slider was the size of a dinner page. A large one. One of the first times we had to wash its cage, we put it on the washing machine... Of course, it wasn't as patient as your turtle and tried to suicide dive off. It was so strong that it took all my strength to keep it still.

PS. Follow my blog? I'm following yours. =)

Curves ahead makeup said...

Thtas awesome cherish hour friend I have to read this book I'm intrigued ;)

Curves ahead makeup said...

Thtas awesome cherish hour friend I have to read this book I'm intrigued ;)

Cee said...

Just came across your site this morning (via cupcakes&cashmere) and really like it! I'm glad you included the book in your blog post - I'm looking for new things to read and have never read any Dessen. I'm downloading this book to my nook right away.

Samantha said...

Where/how did your friend meet Sarah Dessen? I love her! My friend and I started reading her in high school. :o)