I went to the store last week with the intention of getting some face wash. Cetaphil to be exact. While searching for it in the cosmetics aisle and minding my own business, I turn around in response to someone calling my name. At first, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me because all I saw was D, a guy I went on a date with in 11th grade. Yes, I said "a" date, meaning "one". I'll explain later.

The date went like this: I didn't have my license at the time, so I convinced my parents into dropping me off at the mall to hang out with my "BFF" (oh, the things I did in high school). We ended up seeing The Benchwarmers. It was the most awkward movie-watching experience I had ever endured. Luckily, I had two trusty friends sitting five rows back from us (without D's knowledge), cheering me on. :)

After the movie, he saw a friend of his outside the theatre. If I tell you right now that I used to think D was a douche, you can probably guess what happened next. He ditched me. It was OK though, because I met up with my two friends, who were already waiting for me in an undisclosed location. D and I never spoke again after that day.

Back to our encounter at the store: I was going to pull one of those "I don't remember you" acts, but decided to do the right thing: act grown up. We ended up having one of those "what have you been up to?" conversations that only lasted a few seconds. I thought about our run-in for a while after it happened and came to realize the importance of forgiveness. Plato said, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I realized that it was important for me to forgive D because I too, did stupid things as a teenager.


FashionGirl said...

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Romance Is Boring said...

Eurgh, what an idiot! Good job you had your friends stalking you haha :). I need to learn to act more "mature" when faced with situations like this.. I'd probably just mumble something, run away and fall over... I am only 18 though, so I still am technically a teen ;) x

AllyM said...

I was cracking up reading this. I hate run ins with high school friends in general. We use the same face wash! best ever!

lizzie said...

I don't want to acknowledge that I did (and still do) really stupid, immature stuff! but it was dead brave of you to act like a grown up, and not be tempted to be a douche in return. Especially in those pressurised, suprise-conversation moments when its really easy to pretend you dont remember them or say something stupid, but then realise that you have to keep up the douchery for the whole awkward conversation.
Sweet post :) x

lauren said...

hahaha god, do i hate going to the grocery store and running into people i didn't expect to. it's even worse you go in looking like hell and that is when i run into everybody!

i like the plato quote.

Lo said...

these captions are cute :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to be the bigger person and approach the D-bag. I hate D-bags ugh that was an assh*le move on that date. Meh. You're better off for it anyways! I always try to imagine what I would do if I met up w/ people I knew in high school that I really didn't like.

xo Sherrie

aki! said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe he left you, that's so... ridiculous.

But you did the right thing. Ah, youth.

Yours Truly said...

Ok my BFF Ally rants and raves about you! (ok not really but, you know!) Your blog is fun and cute!! I am going to be following you now :) hope you dont mind!


maggeygrace said...

Ugh. Boys boys boys! They always seem to be a problem even when they aren't in your life anymore! Hahah. But you're right, forgiveness IS important once we get out of High School and past everything. I see girls that I used to have issues with everywhere and it's way more awkward to avoid talking to them!