t-shirt: Psst! via Nordstrom Rack $8 //leggings: Jalate via Nordstrom Rack $16

Lately, I've been trying to find ways to cut down my morning routine... all for the sake of sleeping in. Yes, it's true. In college, you have the choice of picking two of the following three: sleep, good grades, and a social life. As unfortunate as it sounds, I have chosen the first two options.

I've come to discover a great time saver to be simplicity. More specifically, keeping my outfits to a minimum.  Here's an example of a technique I use: a plain black ensemble can serve as an ideal canvas for creating the perfect outfit for any occasion (especially class!).

Whether you are going for a more casual or fancy look, all you need is a plain black shirt and a skirt/pair of leggings/jeans. Once you have achieved this, raid your closet for your favorite accessories, pile them on, and you'll be ready before you can say "I love SWEATshirt DRESSshirt." :)

scarf: gifted from a friend //cardigan: HIP via Nordstrom $35 //boots: Star Ling via Nordstrom $60 SALE

t-shirt: Psst! via Nordstrom Rack $8 //skirt: Lush via Nordstrom $25?

necklace: Urban Outfitters //heels: Payless Shoes $20

P.S., My Life As Liz season 2 is finally here! OMGLKADJ;FAK;DJF;SDL!!


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"In college, you have the choice of picking two of the following three: sleep, good grades, and a social life."

Sad, but so true!

I absolutely LOVE these outfits! I have black skinny jeans, and I've been shying away from wearing them with a black top, but I totally want to try it now--with a bright scarf, like you did! Love love love the fancier version, too!

AllyM said...

First, I love sleep.
Second, I love all black with a little pop of color.
Third, my life as liz is a great great show!!!


Kinsey Michaels said...

these are such great examples of how much accessories can add to an outfit. i love the look with the dress and the Urban Outfitters necklace!

Mugdha said...

I'm all for simplicity! When I haven't planned an outfit for like three days in advance (which I often do instead of paying attention in class...) I love just going for the tee+jeans+accessories look.

Justine said...

Fantastic idea! Black is perfect for everything

Just Better Together

Laurita P said...

i love the all black looks. so simple and so classy

marilia & christina Maz said...

Black is a great choice for every look, time and age! great post and example about the importance of accessories...
bisous marilia & christina

blorange dice said...

all black looks great! i love the boots in your first outfit and your necklace in the second (:

Viv said...

great looks :)

the nail polish is cute as a button by essie.. i'll blog about a new look i tried soon with it, hope you check it out when i do!

julianne. said...

i actually love all of these.
the one with the scarf and boots is my favorite.
but they all look great.<3

Anonymous said...

LOL, you're adorable. I'm loving the thumbs up/thumbs down indicators. And I love piling accessories on minimalistic outfits, too. You've got some great legs by the way!

- Sharon

Alex said...

I love the idea of starting with a blank canvas, so to say, and piling on cute, bright accessories!
I also looove My Life As Liz and really need to watch the premiere!