{a bracelet that reminds me of Taylor Swift.}

My week in pictures, and new FAQ section! That is all.

{the basket next to my desk. i keep all my old school work in this.}

{my leopard print snuggie and "grown-up" bed sheets.}

{one of the most wonderful scents ever.}

{a re-organized closet.}


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Loving the FAQ section and the fun shots! That bracelet really does remind me of T Swift.

Justine said...

i like your "grown up" print sheets :)

Just Better Together

aki! said...

Loving the grown up bedsheets and that Taylor Swift story is sweet.

Alex said...

I have that bracelet, and I love it! And Secret Wonderland is definitely one of the best scents :]

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Your sheets are really pretty and your closet looks really good. Your bracelet looks a lot like Taylor.

Mugdha said...

That Secret Wonderland lotion looks divine! I think I would buy it just for the pretty packaging!

And, in response to your comment, I wish my hair did that normally. Those "wavy locks" are actually it freaking out because of the humidity.

Nicole... given said...

i LOVE that lotion